Which P90X3 Schedule Should I Do? The Answer Here

which-p90x3-scheduleP90X3 has more variety in the schedule than ever before.  With this comes a more difficult choice… but not really.  It’s pretty basic if you know what each schedule is about.  There are 4 schedules with P90X3: Classic, Lean, Doubles, and Mass.  While the schedules are probably about 75% the same… there is a slightly different focus with each.  And each one will produce a slightly different result.  If you are wondering which P90X3 schedule you should do… here is your answer.

Which P90X3 Schedule Should I Do?

Classic – This is the most well rounded program, with a mix of resistance, cardio, plyometrics, and yoga.  Classic P90X3 should be the go to for most P90X’ers… especially if it’s your first time.  So for most, the question of which P90X3 schedule to do would be Classic P90X3.  I have done P90X and P90X2 multiple times, and have decided to start with Classic.

Lean – Lean cuts back on the resistance training and also a bit on the impact with some of the cardio workouts.  While Lean is a great option if you are looking to decrease the impact of plyo type workouts… I would recommend doing Classic and then modifying the moves that bother you in the Classic schedule.  That said, Lean is a great beginner schedule and may be a good first round approach.

Doubles – If you insist on working out an hour a day, do Doubles.  I personally think that you will hit a point of diminishing returns on that second workout (and increase the probably of burning out on the workouts)… but if you fuel a little extra and want to go for Doubles… then be my guest.  I would recommend doing a round of Classic first, but I’m not going to stop ya from doing what you want.  You freak (haha).

Mass – Okay, so this one is all about doing a few more resistance (and less cardio) workouts paired with EATING MORE FOOD (see nutrition guide for weight gain diet plan).  In reality you should be able to do Classic and eat more to gain some extra muscle… but this one will help you a bit more by putting the weights in your hands more often.  With Mass you will also want to lift in the 8-10 rep range while hitting failure (loss of form) on that last rep or two.  If you want to build extra muscle and are not looking to lose body fat… this is which P90X3 schedule you should do.

Which P90X3 Schedule Should I Do?

There you have it.  Pick which P90X3 schedule you should do (most likely Classic) and go for it.  Hit me up if you have questions about the program or scheduling… and of course get your copy of P90X3 and get access to our FREE P90X3 support group with the links below!  30 minutes a day to ripped, here we come!

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