Vacation Time: How We Will Be Having Fun!

vacation-timeWell, Jen and I are about to hop on a plane for Europe. We’re excited and just spending the weekend pulling all of our stuff together.

We love to travel! And we love to eat! I’m sure we will be sampling waffles, frites, bratwursts, beers, and more as we trek through Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. It’s not about living life with a perfect diets for us… it’s about balance. And here’s how I plan to go on this vacation, enjoy the hell out of it, and not get fat in the 3 weeks of semi-splurging. In the end, it always comes down to a plan… and here is mine.

Vacation Time: The Plan

1. Not sliding into and out of vacation. It’s easy to start the party a couple of day early and let it run for a couple days after returning. I’m doing the 3 Day Refresh right before leaving to shed a couple of pounds, reset my eating habits, and adjust portions a bit. When I return, I’ll get right back on my healthy diet.

2. Eat meals out 1-2 times a day. Between having apartments with kitchens (planning) and bringing Shakeology (again, planning), we will only eat out for the best meals. This approach minimizes eating out just because we are bored or have no other options. Now, our meals out are still fun and we can eat what we want because we are good the rest of the time.

3. Not beating myself up. I will have things that I know I shouldn’t. I will splurge and break diet. It’s okay… I’m human and stuff. But if I allow myself to get down about it… I’ll do more of it. I always tell myself to enjoy my splurge while I am it, knowing full well I have the tools and ability to get back on course.

Vacation Time: Let’s Go!

Super simple. And it works. We go on a big trip every year, and using these few practices… we have  a blast and don’t gain a bunch of weight. Try it!

PS. Tune in over the next 3 weeks to get updates on our trip! We have exciting things coming.  :)

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