Time Flies And We Have Fun… But Also Nothing Changes

time-flies-and-we-have-funJanuary is the month to be motivated. Then it’s NFL playoffs and all about that. The weather is terrible in February but at least in March there is Basketball and Golf. Soon enough Memorial day weekend comes signaling summer and fun weekend plans. Everyone loves summer and 4th of July is always a blast, right? August is so hot and Labor day is the last weekend to really enjoy summer. BBQ’s and parties. Somewhere we find time for a vacation or two. Then suddenly fall and football is back (I love this time of year)! And playoff baseball? And who doesn’t love Halloween? Slightly fast forward and it’s all about Thanksgiving and Christmas. New Years Eve to round out the year and start the whole thing over again. This is a year in review (every year really). Time flies and we have fun.

Time Flies And We Have Fun

It’s amazing how much we have to look forward to! How lucky we are to have all these things in our lives. But they are also distractions. Things that allow us to go year after year with really having to do anything to change. This is how we get unhealthy. It’s how we get lazy and complacent. Instead of owning our time… we become a subscriber to it. We become a passenger on the ride of life. Our health and wellness comes second to all the tiny events that we put huge emphasis on only to avoid the larger problem. We lose sight of the most important things. It’s just too easy… too comfortable.

The thing is… you can do both. If you can make the distraction part of your life instead of making your life part of the distraction… you can focus on other things as well. The things of real importance. Family, significant others, friends, and health. And this never happens by saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Tomorrow will have it’s own excuse.

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