The Latest And Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

coach-ryan-why-bloggingOkay. A few people have commented about my lack of blogging lately… wondering if I am still doing what I do. The answer is YES! I’m busier than ever! That’s why I have been blogging so little. It’s been a crazy ride since mid summer and I am just now coming out of the haze. I figured that before I jump right back on the health, fitness, and motivational writing… that we just catch up a little first. Sound good? It’s been crazy… but in a great way. Let me explain.

The Latest And Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

Here is my whirlwind recap…

By mid summer of this year not only were Jen and I starting to shift gears and think about our baby that is due now in 5 weeks… we were planning our European vacation and wedding. That takes a bit of planning. And on top of that and we had just come back from our Coach Summit and were going nuts with our fitness businesses. This is where life started to get hectic… but definitely not where the craziness ended.

After returning from vacation, I immediately got to work on my business… and have grown the team by more than 20 coaches since. It was a massive push to really get my business flying before priorities had to change a bit.

As soon as I finished that, we had family coming to visit and a wedding reception to plan. We had a big party in the works for family and our closest friends. Meanwhile we were building a finished structure on the back end of the property that would be my gym and Jen’s photography studio.

Yep, I built a full gym on the back of the property so that the workouts and training can move to the next level.

While doing that, we moved the old gym out of the spare room and turned the room into a baby nursery for our future daughter.

So… to recap, since summer I have gone to Summit and Europe, got married, built a gym, planned a reception, put together a nursery, and doubled the size of my coach team. All while Jen is getting more and more pregnant! It’s been an amazing year for us.

So that’s where my blogging time has gone. Looking forward to getting back at it… as I love to write and inspire here on the blog. Hope you have missed me, because I’m back!  :)

More to come…

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