The Healthy Life Is A Journey & An Inspiration

the-healthy-life-is-a-journeyOne thing that I have found incredibly inspiring over the last several years is the concept of a healthy life being a journey.  That mindset has completely changed my perspective on just about everything I do.  I am most inspired now, not by athletes with ripped bodies… or super fit exercise freaks, but by people that are just starting their journeys… or mired in the middle of a tough one and fighting.  The healthy life is a journey and not a destination.  As cheesy as it sounds, this is a quote from P90X that has stuck with me.  Because it’s real.

The Healthy Life Is A Journey

Like I said, I am most inspired by people that are just starting their journey and fighting.  It might be that hope that they’ll soon understand that the path to health is a long, slow, but very rewarding road.  And once they realize that, they will find success.

The person that shows up to my boot camp, out of shape, but fights like crazy to stay in the workout.  The person that takes the before picture that they are clearly unhappy about.  Watching these people take the first steps, knowing they have to work twice as hard as I do for a reason they probably don’t understand yet… that’s the good stuff.  That’s motivating to me.

The Healthy Life Is A Journey

The ironic part is that a person just starting out has no clue that they actually ARE a motivator.  I was embarrassed by my physical condition and would have a hard time working out in a group just starting out.  No idea that me fighting, and doing my best could inspire others.  But it would have, and it does.  That’s the perspective I have now that I didn’t then.

If you are starting out, realize that what you are doing is a long term process… and your struggle is inspiring at any point in the journey.  Because hey, you may be out of shape… overweight… whatever.  But you are DOING something about it.  And that is rewarding to yourself and inspiring to everyone around you.

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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