The Compound Effect – A Simple Demonstration

the-compound-effectThree men start start at roughly the same age, same shape, and same level of daily activity.  They each weigh 175 lbs.

The first man, Larry, cuts 150 calories a day by simply taking soda out of his diet or having a little less of the bland, carby stuff at dinner.  He finds that it’s easy to cut 150 calories out of his day.

The second man, Stu, does nothing to change his diet.  He finds that it’s easy to keep his diet the same every day.

The third man, Clark, adds 150 calories a day to his diet because he has gotten into cooking and likes to prepare rich, tasty dishes.  He eats larger portions because the “food is good”, he says.  He finds that it’s easy to add 150 calories to his day.

The Compound Effect – A Simple Demonstration

First of all, 150 calories is a very small amount.  This is the size of a small snack.  Less calories than a granola bar.

After exactly 1 year:

Larry, who found it easy to cut back 150 calories a day, weighs 15 lbs less.  He is feeling better, has more energy, and has begun exercising.  His life is on a positive path and it’s obvious to those around him.

Stu, who has kept things the same, has really not experienced any changes… is fine with life but nothing really that exciting is keeping him motivated by much of anything.  The days just kind of slip by.

Clark, who loves to cook and has found it very easy to add 150 calories a day via his new hobby… has gained 15 lbs in one year.  He spends his time cooking and thinking about food and is getting little in the way of exercise.  Although he is enjoying eating, other areas of his life suffers as his health declines.

In just one year, the difference between Larry and Clark is more than 30 lbs!  Larry has trimmed down to 160 lbs, while Clark is approaching 200.  All because of very small and consistently repeated habits each day.

The Compound Effect

This is The Compound Effect.  And the sooner you learn the power of the compound effect and learn to use it to your advantage… the sooner you will be on a positive path in many areas of your life.

In a world where everyone is preaching that they can get you instant results, instant satisfaction, and miracle changes… ignore the messages and learn the compound effect.  Good habits + consistency + time = real, lasting results.

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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