Talking Paleo: Ryan On Smart Life With Dr. Gina

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When I was invited to be on Smart Life With Dr. Gina to talk about Paleo diets and why I think they might be a bit off… I was definitely not sure that I should do it.  After all, I like PARTS of Paleo and talking Paleo.  And if I’m going to criticize a diet fad (and I think you can call Paleo a fad at this point… it’s not really a caveman diet)… sorry, I digress… if I am going to call out Paleo, I better have a better suggestion.

And that’s what this interview was about.  Going right past talking Paleo and getting down to true basics of what you should be eating.  Watch and see.

Talking Paleo: Ryan On Smart Life With Dr. Gina

I have never been on a show.  The lights, cameras, studio, and some tough questions can really throw me out of my comfort zone…  but in the end, if I have something to say… this is my chance.  And in the end, I really have one point.  It transcends talking Paleo, whatever diet name I can create, or anything else that comes along.

It’s called learning to cook.  Buy foods from the meat, dairy, whole grains, and produce sections of your store and learn to cook them into meals that have a relative balance (nothing super precise) protein, carbs, and fat.  Eat early and eat often.  And don’t pig out.

That’s it.

Forget silly rules of what you can and cannot eat… claims of what cavemen ate (even our natural foods have changed since then)… and simplify.  You were meant to learn to feed yourself from the things that come from the earth.  It’s a living requirement.

So learn.  It will be the single most important thing you can do for you health.

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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