Summer Workouts: Ways To Get Back On Track For Summer

summer-workoutsFun weekend.  But I don’t feel so wonderful today.  It was mostly worth it.  It’s time to pull things together and get the situation moving in the right direction again.  Sound familiar?

The number one priority?  Nutrition.  Getting that consistent diet nailed back down and getting junk foods off the menu is key to not packing on the extra body fat.  And second is exercise.  At least something most every day.

Even if you’ve been off track for a while, these summer workouts will get you back to feeling good in no time.  It’s time to reel it in and make a short term failure a long term success.  Here’s how.

Summer Workouts

1. 21 Day Fix: This summer workout is really great if you have problems with diet and nutrition… or have NO IDEA where to start.  Yes, there is a very legit fitness program that comes with it… but the 21 Day Fix is really about learning to eat right in 21 days… and have it last a lifetime.  With a nutrition plan and portioning containers, this new approach is very intuitive and effective.

2. P90X3: For building muscle and burning fat by doing challenging exercise.  Along with a very sound diet plan, P90X3 summer workouts are the ultimate in terms cutting body fat down to low percentages.  Variety, adaptability, and flexibility are added to create the most interesting and diverse fitness program to date.  Get ready for a fun challenge and some new muscles.

3. Focus T25: Get your sweat on daily with very short and very challenging workouts.  These daily changing summer workouts will kick up the cardio and get you doing some basic resistance work to build muscle while leaning out.  Great if you like high energy, fun workouts without having to think too much.  But you will sweat like you never have before.

4. Body Beast: Heavy lifting and my go-to program.  If you want to build muscle and get strong, don’t go to the gym and go through the motions.  Tackle Body Beast to do serious hypertrophy workouts that will change the way you view working out… and change your body.  Want big shoulders?  Want “quadzilla” legs?  The Beast has got the stuff.

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Summer Workouts

These summer workouts all come in Challenge Packs that include a diet guide and Shakeology… your summer workout supplement and superfood energy booster.  This stuff is great for building muscle, cutting fat, and reducing hunger.  All key to that truly important nutrition you need to nail to really have success.  With that and these great workouts, you will be looking and feeling good in much less time than you think!

So get your summer workouts planned, get set up, and create success.  That’s what we do!


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