Strength Gains For Beginners: Learning Is The Key

strength-gains-for-beginnersWhen you set out to learn something new… the goal is to get good at it.  Most things you want to learn to master or get really efficient at.  To be a good chess player, you must master the strategy.  To be a good runner, you have to be efficient at the movement.  To be a great pianist, you will have to learn music in and out.  Resistance and weight training is EXACTLY the opposite.  With weight training, you never want to get good.  You never want to get efficient… and you never want to repeat much of the same.  If you do, you master the moves and decrease growth.  In the world of strength gains, any efficiency leads to stagnation.  So being a beginner is the best place to be.  You will make the greatest strength gains as you learn!

Strength Gains For Beginners

Efficiency is overrated.  Unless you are a cyclist or something.  And while they are busy shaving seconds off their race times and experiencing the law of diminishing returns with both strength gains and calorie burn (increased efficiency decreases both muscle hypertrophy caloric burn)… we will be shaking, struggling, trembling, failing, and learning our way to INCREASED strength, lean muscle, caloric burn, and increased metabolism.  Or at least as long as we keep doing things that challenge us in new ways.

This is the secret to getting strong.  It’s not on the treadmill and it’s not on the same machines you have used time and time again.  Strength gains for beginners will come with compound movements, mixed workouts, and changed routines.  Variety… and the willingness to change as soon as something becomes “easier”.

It’s just like life.  If you do the same thing over and over, you never really grow.  Your strength is the same way.

Strength Gains For Beginners

So, if you’re a beginner and want to get strong fast… learn to unlearn.  Learn to try new stuff.  And be okay with sucking at it.  Because being terrible just means you have to try REALLY hard to get good at it… and that’s the magic stuff right there.

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