Splurge Weekend Ahead… And How To Recover

splurge-weekendIt’s Friday, and the menu is set for an epic splurge weekend.  A lot of festivities and fun stuff… all centered around food and drink.  It’s okay, it’s time to celebrate… friend, family, and relaxation are all important and necessary parts of life.  And while I try to keep pretty true to a clean and healthy diet, sometimes I just have to go with the flow and enjoy.  Here is the upcoming and splurge weekend events… and how I plan to make a nice recovery.

Splurge Weekend

Here is what the weekend looks like:

Saturday: San Diego Food & Wine Festival and then Thanksgiving Dinner put on by the great peeps at Cellar Door

Sunday: Thanksgiving with family

The Food & Wine Festival is AWESOME!!  So much good food brought in by the best chefs and restos in town!  All kinds of wine, beer, and booze tastings too.  Just all around crazy fun.  This is an event we attend every year and we have a blast every time.

Then the Thanksgiving dinner at Cellar Door is a chef collaborative that we are invited to attend.  The idea is to have the best Thanksgiving meal we have ever tasted!  Sound fun?  It should be.  And Gary at Cellar Door hosts a very eclectic Whiskey/Bourbon collection… anyways, let’s just write Saturday off.  Mkay?

Sunday will be with Jen’s family here in SD and we will do the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s always great food and drink and we’ll have fun, I’m sure.  Her family knows how to cook, so it’s a great meal.

Splurge Weekend

So the plan will be to enjoy all this and just not go overboard on any of it.  No need.  There is so much!  Overdoing one thing will mean enjoying another less.  And by Sunday night?  Back on the health wagon and eating right.  No excuses.

You CAN have your cake and eat it too.

Anyways, that’s my splurge weekend plans.  Hope y’all have a great one.  Enjoy, then come back to earth and stick with the plan… man.  :)

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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