Shaun T Insanity Review

shaun-t-insanity-reviewInsanity is aptly named.  This program was designed by a former track and field pro turned trainer, Shaun T, to push peoples limits beyond what they thought possible.  But there’s more.  Just completing the grueling Insanity program will earn you self respect and the respect of others that have any idea of what the program is about.  It’s like a like a home workout version of Mount Everest… one that requires no weights or equipment, just your body and a small area to work out in your home.  You will be amazed at what you can do with just your body and Shaun T yelling at you from your TV.  This is the Shaun T Insanity review.

Shaun T Insanity Review: The Program

Insanity is a 10 workout, 60 day DVD program that you do in your own home.  Workouts occur six days a week and take 40-60 minutes (40 on average in month one and up to 60 in month two).  These workouts are TOUGH and you will not get through them at first without taking breaks, hitting the pause button, or modifying some of the moves.  That’s okay, we want challenging workouts that give you PLENTY of room for improvement.  I want to give it to you straight in the Shaun T Insanity review.  What you will see, even in the first weeks is:

  • Increased stamina
  • Increased strength
  • More energy
  • Fat loss
  • Muscle growth and/or toning

This means you will be able to run faster, jump higher, increase speed/agility, and be more flexible… all while losing weight and adding calorie burning muscle to your body.  The workout high alone you get from an Insanity workout is like no other.  Insanity spikes your endorphins so high that you feel amazing by the end.  And you are drenched in sweat like you never have been before!  I wear a heart rate monitor and burn over 1000 calories during some of the workouts!

Shaun T Insanity Review: The Workouts

To give you a real Shaun T Insanity review, I will walk you through a workout.  Workouts start with a 10 minute warm up.  This is no ordinary warm up, this warm up is tougher than most peoples actual workout, so expect to have to take breaks, even in the warm up at first.  After the intense warm up, Shaun T walks you through 5 plus minutes of stretching and yoga.  Being a former track athlete, Shaun T believes that getting all the muscles of the body very loose and warm makes for a more effective stretch.  Either way, expect to already be drowning in sweat during the stretch.

Now it’s time for the main workout.  The workouts are 4 move circuits repeated 3 times, each time with increasing intensity (if you can muster it).  The first month you go through two rounds of these circuits and the second month, a dreaded third round is added.  Luckily, all the hard work in month one will have you ready for it!  After your 2-3 rounds of threepeat circuits, you have a five minute, sweat drenched cool down stretch.

Starting out, focus on getting through the entire workout, but allow yourself to take breaks and modify the moves.  As the weeks progress, the need to this will be less and less.  By the end you will be attacking these workouts.  That is not to say they get easy, they just become possible.

Shaun T Insanity Review: The Result

If you want to get in shape, even if you are overweight…  consider Insanity.  The ability to modify all the moves makes it approachable at moderate fitness levels.  And Insanity will burn fat off your body like no other.  You need no equipment, just the weight of your body and the willingness to stick to the schedule and diet plan.  If you do this, you will see results that are impossible any other way.  One of my clients lost 30 pounds in 60 days and is headed for single digit body fat percentages!  That’s a pound every two days!  And that is real weight loss, not binge dieting!  Consider Insanity if you are ready to do something that works!  That is my Shaun T Insanity review…

…and buying from me means that you get me as a coach and mentor, along with access to my Insanity support groups and others doing the workouts!

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*Shakeology is a great way to get the part of the program on target and help with weightloss and meal replacement.

shaun-t-insanity-review-stuffShaun T Insanity Review: 60-Day Total-Body Conditioning Program

Your personal trainer Shaun T will push you past your limits with 10 discs packed with cardio and plyometric drills with intervals of strength, power, resistance, and core training. No equipment or weights are needed, and you don’t have to be in extreme shape to do it. As long as you’re ready to dig deep, Shaun will help you get insane results in just 60 days.

Here’s what you get:

Shaun T Insanity Review: 10 Insane Workouts

  • Dig Deeper & Fit Test. To start, Shaun will put your body to the test and see what you’re made of. (30 min.)
  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Burn fat with intervals of intense lower-body plyo and sweat-inducing cardio. (42 min.)
  • Cardio Power & Resistance. Build lean muscle and upper-body definition with strength-training and power moves. (40 min.)
  • Cardio Recovery. Shaun goes easier on you once a week so you’re ready for the next round. (33 min.)
  • Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs. Skip the intervals—this nonstop cardio workout is all extreme. (55 min.)
  • Core Cardio & Balance. Take a break after month 1 and gear up for month 2 with this workout. (37 min.)
  • Max Interval Circuit & Fit Test. The interval circuit that’s more intense than anything you’ve ever done before. (86 min.)
  • Max Interval Plyo. Push your legs ’til they beg for mercy with power and plyo, all at your MAX. (55 min.)
  • Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs. Get pushed to your limit with this extreme cardio workout. (65 min.)
  • Max Recovery. Give it a rest and build strength for another round with intense moves and stretches. (47 min.)

Plus, get these 4 free gifts:

  • Elite Nutrition Plan. A food plan specifically designed to fuel your body for these intense workouts.
  • Fitness Guide. It’s short and to the point, with just the information you need. We want you working out—not reading.
  • INSANITY® Calendar. Lets you track your progress through Month 1 and Month 2, set workout goals, and stay motivated the whole time. Plus, the Fit Test Tracker tracks your results as you transform your body.
  • FREE Online Support Tools. Stay inspired with round-the-clock access to fitness experts and peer support.

Bonus workout available on Team Beachbody®:

  • Fast and Furious. When you’re short on time, get a 45-minute workout packed into 20 minutes with this bonus INSANITY workout available only on Team Beachbody.

Get insane results, or your money back.

You have a full 60 days to try INSANITY for yourself. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, simply call Customer Service to return it within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price, less s&h—no questions asked.

>>>Purchase Insanity!!<<<

>>>*Purchase Insanity Bundled with Shakeoloy!!<<<

*Shakeology is a great way to get the part of the program on target and help with weightloss and meal replacement.

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