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shakeology-sample-packIt was a weekend of great announcement from the Leadership Retreat.  And this next one is big.  Before committing to 30 (or more days) of Shakeology…. you can try it!  That’s right…  the Shakeology Sample Pack is here and is going to give you a chance to “try” before you “buy”.  Shakeology is the best nutrition product on the market… it’s transformed be from a blob like creature to one fit dude.  And now you can try the same stuff I use and see what the fuss is all about.

Read on to get the details of the Shakeology Sample Pack and what it consists of…

Shakeology Sample Pack

The Shakeology Sample Pack will come with four shakes for $19.95 + Shipping.  This is great because it takes 3 or 4 days to start feeling the benefits of Shakeology… and so you will have a chance to see what it REALLY CAN DO!   The samples will be Chocolate (2), Vanilla (1), and Greenberry (1)… giving you a chance to see which flavor you like best.  With multiple options for ordering a 30 day supply (single flavors or combo packs), you will now know how to get your order and flavors EXACTLY right!  And that’s important when you are dropping some coin on a premium product like Shakeology.

And once you start drinking Shakeology regularly… not only will your save around your waistline… your grocery bill will go down.  Seriously… you will eat less food, less junk, and eat less out too.  Shakeology pays for itself pretty quickly – or in my case, I get paid handsomely to drink it :)

So get your hands on a Shakeology Sample Pack and try this stuff!  It’s killer, tastes wonderful (the chocolate/coffee blended ice one I made this last weekend was like going for a milkshake), and will CHANGE YOUR DIET.  And changing your diet will change your body and your energy.

Shakeology Sample Pack

Get your Shakeology Sample Pack here:

>>>Shakeology Sample Pack<<<

And if you know you want Shakeology, get your 30 day supply here:

*remember to order monthly recurring and save over $10 with free shipping – the order is easy to cancel with a quick email

>>>Shakeology 30 Day Supply<<<

Or become a distributor / Coach and save 25% on Shakeology:

>>>Get Discount Shakeology<<<

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