Shakeology 5 Day Challenge Meal Plan

shakeology-5-day-challenge-meal-planOkay.  It’s time to do the Shakeology 5 Day Challenge Meal Plan.  The idea is to do 5 days of Shakeology and use it as a catalyst to completely change your diet.  This is real nutrition… it’s not a shake diet or a liquid fast.  We are going to learn to eat well for the sake of a long and healthy life.  So in the next 5 days get ready to transform your relationship with food.

And this is just the beginning.  The more you learn, the better you will be able to prepare meals that are really good, fill you up, and keep your health moving in the right direction.

Don’t expect to lose a bunch of weight overnight either.  In this challenge, it’s about giving you tools that will give you long term weight loss and results.  We want to create a sustainable diet… while not perfect in it’s first iterations, a diet that will eventually transform into something that you can enjoy for a lifetime.  Because it’s just that good!

Shakeology 5 Day Challenge Meal Plan

Step 1: Calculate Daily Calories

Before we start the challenge, we will want to know our daily calorie requirement. We are going to start with a very simple method of calculation. Basically this:

  • Baseline Calories = your body weight multiplied by 10
    • (Me: 160 lbs x 10 = 1600 calories)
  • Add Daily Burn From Activity = Baseline Calories +  0 calories (not active), 300 (moderately active), or 500 (very active)
    • (Me: I am a daily intense exerciser, so Baseline + Daily Burn = 1600 + 500 calories = 2100 calories)
  • If you want to lose weight, start by subtracting 300 calories (but do not go below 1200)
    • (Me: If I want to lose weight, Baseline + Daily Burn – Weight Loss = 1600 + 500 – 300 calories = 1800 calories)

Now we know how many calories to consume per day on the Shakeology 5 Day Challenge Meal Plan.

Step 2: Determine Calories Per Meal

You will want to plan for 5 meals a day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner).  These meals will ideally be the same calories (but you can make some smaller and some larger, as long as they add up to your daily total).  Below are the basic calories per meal and the amount (in grams) of protein, carbs, and fat you will want for each meal.  Find the amount closest to your daily caloric requirement and use it as a guideline for your meals.

1200 Calorie Diet

5 meals a day @ approximately 240 cals per meal (24 gram protein/24 grams carbs/5 grams fat per meal)

1500 Calorie Diet

5 meals a day @ approximately 300 cals per meal (30 gram protein/30 grams carbs/6.5 grams fat per meal)

1800 Calorie Diet

5 meals a day @ approximately 360 cals per meal (36 gram protein/36 grams carbs/8 grams fat per meal)

2000 Calorie Diet

5 meals a day @ approximately 400 cals per meal (40 gram protein/40 grams carbs/9 grams fat per meal)

Step 3: Build Your meals

Here are some examples:

Breakfast: Egg whites, toast, Greek yogurt OR Shakeology

Snack: Greek yogurt with fresh fruit OR Shakeology

Lunch: Lightly dressed salad w/ protein (homemade or pre-made, Trader Joe’s has good options here) OR Shakeology

Snack: Vegetables, piece of fruit, almonds, or low calorie/sugar protein bar OR Shakeology

Dinner: Lean protein, vegetables, and a healthy carb (quinoa, lentils, beans, rice)

This is your basic pattern for the Shakeology 5 Day Challenge Meal Plan.  You will need to get the amount of each item you eat roughly correct in order to hit your numbers properly.  I highly recommend using applications like either SparkPeople or MyFitnessPal and measuring your food starting out.

The key is that these applications will force you to understand what your meals are comprised of… and within 1 week, you will know how to eat much better than you had before.  It’s really pretty easy, but just takes some tracking at first.

Shakeology 5 Day Challenge Meal Plan: Meal Replacement

A couple of tips.  First of all, I tend to either use Shakeology early in the day to get my diet started right OR a point in the day when I know I will be most hungry.  The shake is very good at killing appetite for 3 or so hours.  I tend to get very hungry in the late afternoon for example… so having a shake around 2:30 will hold me over until dinner time.  Choose the right time for YOU!

Making Your Shake

First of all, decide if you are going to shake it in a shaker cup… or blend it in a blender.  The blender version is better tasting but takes more time/energy.  Either way, here is the basic recipe:

  • 1 packet of Shakeology
  • 8 oz almond, soy, coconut, or skim milk
  • Either 4 oz water (shaken) or 4-5 cubes of ice (blended)

If you are blending and need to add some more calories (to meet your meal/daily requirement), you can add half a banana or even a little peanut butter to your blended shake.  It’s delicious that way.

Shakeology 5 Day Challenge Meal Plan

So there you have it.  If you simply learn these things in one week and start moving to this type of diet… you will never have to worry about food and diet again.  This is the biggest secret to health and weight loss.  Eat balanced meals consistently and don’t let yourself get hungry!  You will be amazed at the results!

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