Reverse Shoulder Flys Reduce Shoulder Instability

reverse-shoulder-flys-reduce-shoulder-instabilityI wasn’t much for lifting weights in high school… but I remember a lot of Bench Press. That’s what our gym teacher taught us (and probably what his teacher taught him). Learn to Bench Press weight… and get big and strong. Luckily, we are smarter creatures these days. And we lift smarter. And while Bench Presses are great and all, the lift leaves a bit to be desired in terms of working the shoulder. This is why it’s smart to balance Bench Press with other lifts… like say, Reverse Shoulder Flys. Why? Because Reverse Shoulder Flys reduce shoulder instability. What does that mean?

Reverse Shoulder Flys Reduce Shoulder Instability

Many lifts, including Bench Press work the anterior deltoid. This is the front of the shoulder muscle group. Other lifts like Deltoid Lateral Raises and Upright Rows work the lateral delts… which are the middle or side of the shoulder. But Bench Presses are very common, and so there are a lot of cases where the front of the shoulder is getting very strong… meanwhile the much smaller posterior deltoids, on the back of the shoulder, are getting neglected.

This creates a muscle imbalance between the front and back of the shoulder… and may not only make a person weaker in some lifts, but more importantly, opens up the shoulder to instability and possibly injury. In short, your shoulder joint becomes more vulnerable. Especially if you are lifting heavy weights or participating in athletics.

What to do?

Reverse Shoulder Flys Reduce Shoulder Instability

Well, one can balance the shoulder muscle development by performing sets of Reverse Shoulder Flys (with light weight) to match the sets of exercises done for the front of the shoulder. Reverse Delt Flys don’t even have to be done on the same day! Just doing them mixed into any routine will help develop a strong set of shoulder muscles. Reverse Shoulder Flys reduce shoulder instability and will help prevent injury. This lift will create strength in the shoulder… the focal point for just about everything upper body.

Here is what a Reverse Shoulder Fly looks like. You can do them without a bench by just standing bent over with bent knees and a flat back:

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