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real-body-beast-resultsI have been doing Body Beast off and on (mostly on) for 2 years. It’s the perfect in-home lifting program. No fluff, just weight lifting and lots of it. Recently, I did a custom two month Body Beast Doubles schedule and ate at the caloric level in the diet guide (Book of Beast). I hit my nutrition 98% of the time even through the holidays. AND I pushed harder on the lifts than I ever have.

The result has been my single biggest jump in strength and mass to date. I am floored with these result and couldn’t be happier.

Real Body Beast Results

This program is fun and challenging. And by using the workouts to the maximum level and eating on point for 8 weeks, I made some serious gains. You want some numbers?

  • Starting weight/approximate body fat = 162 lbs / 8%
  • Ending weight/approximate body fat = 184 lbs / 11%

Real Body Beast Results

While I gained maybe 8 lbs of body fat, I also gained at least that much muscle. We will see the final results when I lose some of the water and my body adjusts. The bottom line is that I got really amazing results. My strength skyrocketed. And with a short cut of some body fat… well I can’t wait to report those results too.

Strength gains? My Bench Press PR went from 205 lbs to 275 lbs. That’s serious results for 2 months of training.

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Real Body Beast Results

If you are interested in a legit program that will make you stronger and help you build muscle… if you are interested in making serious gains and building a new body… I can say that Body Beast is an amazing program.  It will work. Check out the video below for more info on REAL Body Beast results.

Follow the link below to get Body Beast at a huge discount along with Shakeology. Shakeology is the only supplement I really rely on to get results. It’s a meal replacement and everything I need to build lean muscle and cut fat.

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