Professional Beachbody Coach Training: How It Works

professional-beachbody-coach-training-pictureI’ve been talking a lot lately about our professional Beachbody Coach Training system that my team has developed. This is a 3-phase system that our greater Coach team (called Elite Stronghold) has developed. We have been doing rounds of it with our coaches to perfect the system. And it works. Over $161,000 has been made during the 60 day Accelerated Diamond 1 training. This means that coaches that completed the class reported over $161K made while taking the class! I kid you not. I personally made $2,089 over the course of 60 days using what I was learning and applying it real time.

So as much as I talk about our trainings, I thought I would discuss how the training actually works. You know; details, phases, and milestones. This is professional level training… done within interactive Facebook groups and with accountability. The beauty of the training is that you can check into these groups at anytime throughout the day to do the training… but you have to keep up to stay in. That’s the catch (and accountability)!


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Professional Beachbody Coach Training: Phase 1

The coach trainings are broken into 3 Phases. The first will teach you Coach basics… accelerated style. While most coaches will spend their first 60 days lost and fumbling through websites… the introductory Coach Modular Training and the Accelerated Coach Basics group training will laser focus new coaches on their first goals and wickets for success. While many coaches fail, following these classes to a “T” will automatically make you a successful coach. It’s all you have to do.

Professional Beachbody Coach Training: Phase 2

Here is where the magic happens. If you have completed Phase 1 as designed… you are now an Emerald Coach making an average of $2,319 a year. This happened in the first 60 days! Now it’s time to lay the groundwork for even bigger near and long term success with the Accelerated Diamond 1 group training. This is hands down the most useful training I have ever received and it will teach you exactly how to network and create customers and coaches from friends, family, and even people online that you have never met. All in way that keeps you from being a “spammy mcspamerson”. This course is key for developing coaching and marketing techniques along with follow up strategies that make your business take off. You will learn to develop real relationships online that result in customers and future coaches.

Professional Beachbody Coach Training: Phase 3

Here is where we start to automate and use email systems to continue to engage your customers. Learning the techniques taught in the Accelerated Diamond 2 group training will expand your universe and make you a customer engagement machine. Now you are a true professional. By the end of Accelerated Diamond 2, a coach should reach Diamond status making an average of $14,658 a year. Not too shabby, you!

Professional Beachbody Coach Training: Beyond

Following these courses, utilizing the techniques, and continuing to build upon them will elevate you to a Star Diamond Coach. This is where you have the potential to earn big money. We are talking an average of $79,521 for Star Diamond Coaches.

Professional Beachbody Coach Training

Want to create both big income AND create free time in your life? Here is your blueprint. The Elite Stronghold Professional Beachbody Coach Training is the exact guide to open doors to this profession and lifestyle. I can vouch for that.

If you want to learn more, please go to my LANDING PAGE and provide your information. You will be taken to a short video on made on how to get started as a coach!

See you in class!


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