PiYo Program Details: Pilates Yoga Combo Training… Coming Soon

piyo-program-detailsChalene has developed a number of very good fitness programs… my favorite of which is ChaLEAN Extreme.  This program is a great mix of cardio, weights, and yoga.  It’s sort of the women’s equivalent to P90X… and some very sound weight lifting techniques are taught to the beginner and intermediate exerciser.  Now PiYo Pilates Yoga is coming this summer and will focus on flexibility and core strengthening.  Here are the PiYo program details and what you can do to get this program sooner rather than later.

PiYo Program Details


(and be entered to win a FREE copy!!)

Chalene (and Beachbody’s) approach to utilizing Pilates for core exercises has been extremely good over the years.  Programs like ChaLEAN Extreme, Focus T25, and P90X3 utilize Pilates to build core strength around the ENITRE core (abs, obliques, and spinae erector or lower back).  In fact, Chalene’s core workouts are the toughest I have encountered.  These core exercises bring the best elements of Pilates into the workouts.  In a word, they are effective.

On the yoga side, PiYo will focus on flexibility…  as well as lower and upper body strengthening.  That means holding poses, doing plank style work, and learning how both challenging and relaxing yoga can really be.

Yoga is a skill learned for life… and yoga is one of the most REWARDING fitness practice you will ever learn.  The great part is that a program like PiYo will give you that skill level to open up your body.  That and give you strength like you never had before doing yoga.

PiYo Program Details

Chalene’s new program does not release until late June.  But here at CRG, we get first notice of the release PiYo program details.  And how to get your copy before it goes on back order (and it will just like T25, P90X3, and 21 Day Fix did).

Click the link below to watch the short informational video giving you the latest PiYo program details.  Also make sure to provide your name and email in the form to get the earliest info on the program release.


(and be entered to win a FREE copy!!)

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