Meet Your Coach: Ryan The Introvert

meet-your-coachI get to chat with a lot of people these days. That’s what coaching is really all about… maintaining a lot of supportive relationships with people that have a common goal. In my case, these supportive relationships are centered around health, fitness, and personal development… probably in that order of importance. One thing that will almost always surprise people is when I tell them that I’m an introvert. I am. Always have been, always will be. I’m guessing a few of you can relate?

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Reverse Shoulder Flys Reduce Shoulder Instability

reverse-shoulder-flys-reduce-shoulder-instabilityI wasn’t much for lifting weights in high school… but I remember a lot of Bench Press. That’s what our gym teacher taught us (and probably what his teacher taught him). Learn to Bench Press weight… and get big and strong. Luckily, we are smarter creatures these days. And we lift smarter. And while Bench Presses are great and all, the lift leaves a bit to be desired in terms of working the shoulder. This is why it’s smart to balance Bench Press with other lifts… like say, Reverse Shoulder Flys. Why? Because Reverse Shoulder Flys reduce shoulder instability. What does that mean?

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Getting Lean and Strong: Coach Brunna Profile


Brunna & Ben

Meet Coach Brunna. She’s just a girl from Brazil and has made a home here in the US. What makes Brunna different than most women when it comes to health and fitness is that she LOVES to lift weights. Heavy too. I have seen her numbers.

Along with Coach Brunna’s excitement for exercise, eating healthy, and existence as a general badass chick… she has a story. And like most stories, this one doesn’t follow a straight line to success. Her goal of getting lean and strong has been one of learning, changing, and growing. But any journey worth the trip is going to have it’s challenges. Here is Brunna’s story.

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P90 Program Release Details: P90X “Light” Coming Soon

p90-program-release-detailsOne of the biggest announcements this fall is the new workout program coming to the family of P90X workouts. P90 (once again short for Power 90) is the new program that has a little different approach to fitness than the original Power 90 or P90X. This program is designed as an on-ramp, or starter program… with ability to get someone in shape to eventually tackle a full round of the legendary P90X. These P90X programs are designed to get the best results with the least amount of time. They are tough, focused, and doable… and now with P90, more people can start the P90X journey than ever before!
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Life Is A Wheel: A Message To A Good Friend

Dear Friend,

I know you are going through a hard time in your life. As much as I want to say I understand… I’m not you. All I can give you is my best advice based on my own harsh life lessons. I hope this helps in some way… as it’s done out of love.

Life is a wheel. Round and round it goes. Sometimes you’re on the top of the wheel, looking at the beauty of the sky and stars. These are the happiest of times and they are what make life worth living. And sometimes you’re on the bottom of the wheel, buried in the dirt and feeling nothing but the entire weight of the wheel on your back. These hard times make life worth learning.

And you are at the bottom. The bottom, where the wheel feels like it weighs a million pounds. At the bottom, the wheel doesn’t even feel like it’s turning. It’s the worst of feelings. I know.

But round and round it goes, slow as it may be. The wheel is always moving. Time is unstoppable.

You will find yourself at the top once again, dear friend. You will see the stars again. You will even see the one’s you didn’t notice before. Because this particular trip around was slower and the wheel was heavier than ever. The depth of your struggle will reveal new things… and your view at the top will be like never before.

The wheel becomes lighter because of this and your next trip to the bottom the load will weigh less.

Life is a wheel, and we grow with each trip around it. It’s the longest and darkest of trips that define who we are and what we see at the top. Know this opportunity to grow and change. As much as it hurts, embrace the struggle that is your life. And look forward to the journey to the top once again… someday down the road. Oh, the view you will have!

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
Health/Fitness Coach & Trainer

I currently live in sunny San Diego California and work with people around the country as well as Internationally on their health and fitness goals. Please LIKE me on Facebook and JOIN The Locker Room (Free Accountability and Support group)

Professional Beachbody Coach Training: How It Works

professional-beachbody-coach-training-pictureI’ve been talking a lot lately about our professional Beachbody Coach Training system that my team has developed. This is a 3-phase system that our greater Coach team (called Elite Stronghold) has developed. We have been doing rounds of it with our coaches to perfect the system. And it works. Over $161,000 has been made during the 60 day Accelerated Diamond 1 training. This means that coaches that completed the class reported over $161K made while taking the class! I kid you not. I personally made $2,089 over the course of 60 days using what I was learning and applying it real time.

So as much as I talk about our trainings, I thought I would discuss how the training actually works. You know; details, phases, and milestones. This is professional level training… done within interactive Facebook groups and with accountability. The beauty of the training is that you can check into these groups at anytime throughout the day to do the training… but you have to keep up to stay in. That’s the catch (and accountability)!

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Jen And Ryan Travel Europe 2014 Part 2

Day 7: Das Rhein!


Our Balcony On The Rhine

A travel day. A last breakfast in bed in our Bruges apartment and then a bus ride to the rental car agency on the edge of the city. We picked up our Mercedes with a much needed GPS navigation system and set out on the Belgian roads. We made our way through the countryside and enjoyed the amazing rest stops… with super nice bathrooms and cafes/restaurants. The sandwiches you can get at a gas station in Europe are better than most restaurants in the US. I don’t know why.

In the early afternoon, we crossed the German border and started south along the Rhein river. Our little rental car meandered through the small river towns, all with a river view and a tall building in the center. The Rhein is beautiful. The towns are quaint.

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Jen And Ryan Travel Europe 2014 Part 1



Wheeling suitcases through the rough brick streets of Amsterdam at midnight isn’t exactly fun. Luckily, half the town was still up having a good time. The bars were full and bicycles whizzed by every 2 seconds. It didn’t take long for us to realize that this was a bicycle town. And a young party town. We made the jagged way to our little apartment, meeting the bartender next door to get the key after-hours. After dropping our items in the tiny apartment we would later use as a launching point for our wedding, we went back downstairs to see our new friend and proprietor of the Het Paard (Horse) for a much needed beer. He poured me a Le Chouffe that he was very proud of. Then we sat at a table on the street and finally relaxed. Our 20 hour journey was over, and soon we would be asleep.

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Vacation Time: How We Will Be Having Fun!

vacation-timeWell, Jen and I are about to hop on a plane for Europe. We’re excited and just spending the weekend pulling all of our stuff together.

We love to travel! And we love to eat! I’m sure we will be sampling waffles, frites, bratwursts, beers, and more as we trek through Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. It’s not about living life with a perfect diets for us… it’s about balance. And here’s how I plan to go on this vacation, enjoy the hell out of it, and not get fat in the 3 weeks of semi-splurging. In the end, it always comes down to a plan… and here is mine.

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Inspiring Others: The Heart of Your Own Inspiration

inspiring-othersInspiration doesn’t come easy for any of us. And magically producing inspiration from thin air just doesn’t happen. Working out and eating right can be fulfilling for a time, but there’s only so much you can do to inspire yourself. A few folks do pretty good with that… but many of us need something bigger than ourselves to keep going. I’m talking about inspiring others. Inspiring others is the true key to inspiring yourself. It’s the secret sauce that keeps me stupidly motivated as others fall away from health and fitness.

And the real secret? It’s not about you. It’s about what you can do for other people.  That’s what inspiring others is all about.

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