Happy Turkey Day… Have An Awesome Thanksgiving!

happy-turkey-dayThis won’t be a blog post about how to make Thanksgiving healthy. If you really want to know how to do that, I have plenty of articles that explain surviving the holidays. Instead, let’s just give homage to this awesome day and the meal that comes from it. It’s the day that everyone cooks food and gets together. The kind of stuff we should all do more often. There is no expectation of gifts and none of the commercialization baggage that comes with Christmas… Thanksgiving is all of the good and none of the fluff. In fact, I think Christmas should just be Thanksgiving all over again. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Happy Turkey Day

So this year be thankful, eat hearty, and enjoy your friend and family. That’s what it’s about! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi and we will see you on the healthy eating and fitness tip tomorrow.  ;)

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Choose Calories Wisely… Real Nutrition Talk

choose-calories-wiselyPeople count calories. It’s how we diet. If you’re paying attention to what you are eating, you probably have some limitation to the number of calories you can eat each day. Poor diet plans sometimes have incredibly low calorie restriction… which usually leads to some sort of food blowout. The thing that I’ve learned over the years with healthy eating and maintaining my weight loss… is that caloric intake is great to know… but it’s not the most important factor. While you do have to watch the number of calories you eat to some degree (you can’t eat 5000 calories and expect to lose weight in most cases)… actually choosing the optimal food that your calories come from will make a much larger impact on your result. That’s why I say choose calories wisely.

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The Latest And Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

coach-ryan-why-bloggingOkay. A few people have commented about my lack of blogging lately… wondering if I am still doing what I do. The answer is YES! I’m busier than ever! That’s why I have been blogging so little. It’s been a crazy ride since mid summer and I am just now coming out of the haze. I figured that before I jump right back on the health, fitness, and motivational writing… that we just catch up a little first. Sound good? It’s been crazy… but in a great way. Let me explain.

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Time Flies And We Have Fun… But Also Nothing Changes

time-flies-and-we-have-funJanuary is the month to be motivated. Then it’s NFL playoffs and all about that. The weather is terrible in February but at least in March there is Basketball and Golf. Soon enough Memorial day weekend comes signaling summer and fun weekend plans. Everyone loves summer and 4th of July is always a blast, right? August is so hot and Labor day is the last weekend to really enjoy summer. BBQ’s and parties. Somewhere we find time for a vacation or two. Then suddenly fall and football is back (I love this time of year)! And playoff baseball? And who doesn’t love Halloween? Slightly fast forward and it’s all about Thanksgiving and Christmas. New Years Eve to round out the year and start the whole thing over again. This is a year in review (every year really). Time flies and we have fun.

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Insanity Max 30 Program Release Details – READ!!

insanity-max-30-program-release-detailsInsanity pushed you to the limit with workouts that brought non-stop cardio and body weight resistance. Nothing is quite like Insanity. Nothing. Insanity helped me cut body fat and was the main thing I used to train for my first marathon. Thanks to Insanity, I crushed it.

Now comes Insanity Max: 30. This is a 30 minute a day program meant to push you to failure as quickly as possible. Progress is made by improving your time to first, second, and even third breaks. This increases strength and endurance while burning calories and body fat. Here are the Insanity Max 30 program release details!

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Update: It’s A Girl!

its-a-girlWell alright… I promised an update on Jen and I’s latest announcement. If you missed it, we shared that she is pregnant and we couldn’t be more excited. I am currently lining the nursery with little baby dumbbells and getting miniature sized exercise wear. Haha.

Seriously though, we are ecstatic… and the due date approaches quickly. So here is our next tidbit of info if you are interested. Our future babies gender will be…

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She’s Pregnant! Little Gillespie On The Way :)


Our Dog Riley Seems Happy About The News

Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I have taken the time to update the blog. I can say that things have been crazy over the last month… and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Along with my busiest and most successful month ever in the coaching business… we have been planning a family wedding reception (went off without a hitch, lol). It has been quite the month, all things considered. But there is also some very special news. My wife Jen and I are very excited to announce that we will be having a baby!  And soon!

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Buy P90 Now: Program Release Details And Best Price

buy-p90-nowP90 is P90X’s little, less challenging brother. This program releases here in a couple of days and we here at Coach Ryan Gillespie get the release information first. The official release date is September 22nd, but Beachbody could always release the program a day early. No worries, if you are on our list, you will get the info before anyone else! If you are looking to buy P90 for the best price and before it goes on back order, this is the best place on the internet to make sure you get set up to buy P90!
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21 Day Fix Plus FREE Coach Account: Huge Savings!


21 Day Fix Portion Containers

We have a great deal going this month. Right now, when you get a 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, you’ll get a free coach account as well. And with that, we offer our awesome free coach training! The training is, of course, optional. While not everyone may be interested in being a coach, this does mean that everyone will save a ton on Shakeology and any programs. This is the same price that I pay for my Beachbody stuff… and with the 21 Day Fix you will be tackling diet in depth… along with entry level workouts! This is a huge package for a very low price.

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Chalenes 30 Day Push: Great FREE Online Training

chalenes-30-day-pushChalene Johnson is a great fitness trainer, business woman, and motivational speaker.  She has developed programs that are worldwide fitness phenomena. Heard of TurboFire? That’s a big one. Also programs like Chalean Extreme (women’s lifting program and my favorite of hers) and PiYo (pilates and yoga combined). One of the things she has done is put together a 30 day video training course. It’s called Chalenes 30 Day Push and it’s fantastic. Best of all, it comes directly to your inbox, daily. And it’s free. I urge anyone to read this short article and enroll in the course. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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