P90X3 Worksheets… Download Em Here!

p90x3-worksheetsWell, P90X3 has officially dropped and we already have a Challenge Group of 20 ready to rock this thing in 2014.  One of the key tenets of p90X and Tony’s tip of the day every time is “write it down”.  Tracking your progress is crucial to both pushing yourself and seeing how far you have come.  The bottom line is that your P90X3 worksheets will help to motivate you.  And you can download the official P90X3 worksheets right here!

P90X3 Worksheets

It’s simple.  Track your progress and get results.  Write it down.  And push yourself a little harder each time.  I have not done a workout without worksheets in years because they keep me accountable and moving forward.

P90X3 is awesome because it’s only 30 minutes a day and still has us eating and getting results like the original.  The key to success will be pushing it though in those 30 minutes… and that will require your P90X3 worksheets.

So here they are!  Download P90X Worksheets HERE.

Now it’s time to GET TO WORK and crush your goals in 2014.  Remember to track your progress, stay focused, and oh yeah… eat from the nutrition guide!  Nothing will impede your results more than sloppy eating.  Eating right, combined with using your P90X3 worksheets will guarantee amazing results!

And if you want to join us in the online Challenge Groups AND make me your coach for P90X3… follow the links below to get set up with your own P90X3 system!

Learn more about P90X3 groundbreaking workouts:


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  1. Those scare me. The Challenge makes my arms weak just thinking about it.

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