P90X3 Triometrics: Plyometrics At Three Levels Of Intensity

p90x3-triometricsPlyometrics is jump training.  Think of basketball drills and jump cardio.  That’s what a plyometrics workout is like.  Basically HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on crack.  A good “plyo” workout will work your cardiovascular system, legs, and core… so it’s much more efficient than most traditional cardio workouts.  And plyometrics has been the cardio cornerstone of P90X programs in the past.  Now with P90X3, we get P90X3 Triometrics… a short, intense run through a ton of plyo moves that will work you in ways that you probably aren’t used to.

P90X3 Triometrics Review

Why is P90X3 Triometrics different?  Well, unlike most plyo workouts… P90X3 Triometrics focuses on jump training… plus yoga… plus core… plus balance.  It’s like they took yoga and balance moves and mashed them up with jump training.  This workout requires a ton of balance, which you will develop over time.  So stick with it and don’t be discouraged on that first workout.

Another critical aspect of P90X3 Triometrics is that each one minute move involves 3 levels of intensity.  Easier, tougher, and full tilt difficult.  Each level is performed for 20 seconds before progressing to the next level… making the last 20 seconds of each move both exhausting and very challenging.  This is the “tri” in Triometrics.

The workout will have you doing yoga chair moves that involve jumps, jacks, and lunges… all integrated in.  You will be doing warrior poses that bring squats to the table.  And balance moves that challenge every single muscle in your core.  This workout will really help you develop a ton of core strength and stabilization.  Mixed with some good old fashioned jumping, and the sweat will be pouring… so bring a towel!

P90X3 Triometrics is a fun, short, and intense workout.  There are NO repeat moves, so the variety will keep both challenged and entertained.  With such a short workout, the key will be going 100% through the entire workout… but by the end, you will be smoked.

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