P90X3 Schedule: Calendar For The Classic Program


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I have developed a custom P90X3 schedule for the Classic Program.  This schedule will tell you what to do each and every day and includes a motivational quote for each week.  So not only will you know what is on your P90X3 schedule… you will have a thought or theme for the week!  Print this sucker out and put it on your wall or keep it at your desk for planning.  It’s the best P90X3 schedule around!

P90X3 Schedule

The Classic P90X3 schedule is akin to the original P90X.  It’s full of push/pull routines, weights, plyometrics, and yoga.  The great thing about the Classic Program is that it includes all of this… with an emphasis on resistance/strength training.  So the Classic P90X3 schedule will help you build muscle while getting lean.  It’s the ultimate program.

The Classic P90X3 schedule will include the most pull up routines, by far… so if you are looking to get a stronger back and get better at pull ups… then classic is the best program to choose.  Check out my article on all the P90X Programs to see which plan may be best for you.

P90X3 Schedule: Classic

Below is both a .jpg (small) picture of the Classic P90X3 Schedule as well as a full size .pdf that you can download.  I recommend downloading the .pdf so that you have a copy for yourself.  Feel free to provide your email on the right to receive my new schedules as they come out!  These are the best Beachbody program schedules out there… and there are many more to come!


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>>Full Size PDF: Classic P90X3 Schedule<<

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