P90X3 Nutrition Guide: Intuitive Eating Defined

p90x3-nutrition-guideIf nothing else, the P90X3 Nutrition Guide is a huge leap forward on the nutrition side of the program.  Didn’t know P90X3 came with nutrition guide?  All my fitness programs do, and the P90X3 Nutrition Guide may be the most critical part of the program.  You will or will not get results based on your ability to follow the nutrition piece of the program.  You can work your ass of in P90X3… but the nutrition guide is the key to your results in terms of weight/fat loss.  So don’t neglect it.

P90X3 Nutrition Guide

P90X nutrition plans of the past have had some great guidelines for nutrition… but could be a bit overly complex and allowed for swaps with things like frozen meals and fast food meals.  While this is a great step forward for most… P90X3 takes the nutrition game to the next level AND makes it simple.

And the advantage is this.  I am able to eat as many calories (2100-2400 per day for me) as I was for the original P90X… and those workouts range from 1-1.5 hours per day.  Now with only 30 minutes per day, I would expect that the required calories would go down.  But they don’t and here is why.  All calories ARE NOT created equal.  And the P90X3 Nutrition Guide focuses on the ones that will allow us to eat more, fuel workouts better, and get awesome results.  P90X3 is about “intuitive eating” and real food.  And that’s the difference maker with this nutrition plan.

How To Use The P90X3 Nutrition Guide

Step 1: Calculate your total daily caloric requirement.  The calculation is simple, with options to add/subtract based on lifestyle and goals. Super simple.  Then the guide gives you a basic idea of ratios of types of food you should eat at every meal.  Just a rough guide to how many carbs, proteins, and fats to consume at each meal… as a rule of thumb.

Step 2: Learn to measure.  Using simple tools such as your hand and/or plate sizes… or if you are precise, a food scale… get a rough idea of how much you are eating so that you can easily portion out your meals… both in the kitchen and on the fly.

Step 3: Figure out what to eat.  The Guide gives a table for each type of food from most healthy to least healthy.  The idea is to eat more towards the top of the table but allow for variety and items lower on the “healthy” scale from time to time.  Then some basic cooking tips/food prep, ideas for sauces/flavorings, and even some exact recipes are provided.

Why The P90X3 Nutrition Guide Is Better

Getting a basic idea of these three things: your requirements, how to portion, and how to immediately tell which foods are more healthy (always leaning more towards healthier foods) will make you an intuitive eater.

What does intuitive eating mean?  This means that you will know what to eat, without question.  Learning these basic guidelines will allow you to comprise meals,  order meals, or snack with the big picture in mind… leading to results and long term health.

The tips in the P90X3 Nutrition Guide will be a blueprint for eating that you can use the rest of your life to stay healthy.  And that’s why it’s better.

I always say, you are not doing P90X unless you are doing the nutrition side of the program too.  Don’t let all your hard work go down the drain because you are not willing to learn some basic new habits.  These are the habits that will serve you a lifetime… and the P90X3 Nutrition Guide is the blueprint with which to learn these habits.

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