P90X3 MMX: P90X Martial Arts On Steroids (not really)

p90x3-mmxCan’t say I have ever been a big fan of the mixed martial arts workouts.  Kicking and punching just isn’t my thing.  I would rather grab some weights and destroy some muscle tissue.  That to me, is fun.  Call me wackadoodle or whatever.  I have to say though, P90X3 MMX is different.  Yes I’m a fanboy of P90X3 so far but this workout really is like the lifting version of a martial arts workout.  It’s intense.  It’s hard.  And it will make you sore as hell.

P90X3 MMX Review

I recently developed a hybrid schedule that focuses on lifting components from both Body Beast and P90X3.  And wouldn’t ya know it, I put MMX on the schedule over any other cardio workout.  This surprised me.  But what it really tells me is that I like this workout.  It’s a killer mix of moves that really twist your body in intense ways.

There are a lot more elbows in P90X3 MMX than there were in the original P90X Kenpo X.  And these elbows have you dropping into lunges, squats, and using the oblique muscles of your core like crazy.  And don’t get me started on the sprawls.  The sprawls will max out your heart rate while using every muscle in your body.  Your back and midsection will get a great workout… and so will your arms and legs.

What I like about P90X3 MMX is that it works my muscles differently without backing off intensity.  I can do exercises that balance my regular routine while getting my cardio going in a new and pretty exciting way.

P90X3 MMX has been the most surprisingly good workout of the series.  And something I will be doing for a long time to come.

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