P90X3 Incinerator Review: Chest, Back, And Arms

p90x3-incineratorThis has turned out to be one of my favorite P90X3 workouts.  It’s the perfect mix of chest and back… with a side of shoulders.  And to finish?  Bi’s and tri’s baby!  Back to back… with very little rest.  A huge day in the program that really accentuates the Strength phase of P90X3.  With this and the Eccentric Upper and Lower workouts… it’s obvious that you are moving a lot of volume and building muscle in X3.  With the addition of this workout, this 4 week Strength phase has become my favorite in the P90X series.  P90X3 Incinerator is the business.

P90X3 Incinerator Review

I flat out love this workout.  There is a complex series of moves combining weights with body weight exercises to totally burn the muscle out.  Back, check.  Chest, check.  Shoulders.  Yes.  And at the end you even get to punish your biceps and triceps.  P90X3 Incinerator kind of does it all and in a really fun, challenging way.

Moves like Monkey Pump will completely waste your shoulders.  And the for the first time in P90X (like ever) we get to do chest exercises with weights.  Floor presses (called “A” Press) and Floor Flys that work the chest in new ways!  With the variety, challenge, and complete destruction of this many muscle groups… I may say that P90X3 Incinerator is the best workout of the series and in my tops ever in terms of killer workouts.

But that can change day to day, as there are a lot of gems in this new P90X3 collection.

If you are ready to step up the challenge and build some real strength… this workout is for you!

Learn more about P90X3 Incinerator and the other groundbreaking workouts:


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