P90X3 Eccentric Upper Review: Slow Count Reps

p90x3-eccentric-upperIf you have hung with us thus far, we are now entering Phase 2 of P90X3.  And we start with one of my favorite workouts I have ever done.  P90X3 Eccentric Upper is exactly what a P90X workout is all about.  Challenging, diverse, fast, and incredibly effective.  This workout flat out kicks my ass… and in a beautiful way.  Eccentric Pull Ups?  Dear God… help!  The benefit is that these eccentric moves help build strength with all regular lifts.  Not sure what Eccentric means?  Let me explain…

P90X3 Eccentric Upper

So an eccentric lift means that you focus on the eccentric part of the lift… which is the elongation or expansion of the muscle.  When you perform a curl, the eccentric part of the lift is when you lower the weight back down to your sides.  So with P90X3 Eccentric Upper, you will be doing normal lifts… but doing the contraction of the muscle quickly then doing the eccentric loading back down for 3-4 seconds.  This puts the muscle under more time under tension and allows you to do more because you are releasing the muscles while working to failure.

Down 1, 2, 3 and up fast.  Down for 1, 2, 3 and up fast.  That’s the tempo.  And it’s exhausting.

P90X3 Eccentric Upper

Now you do push ups, shoulder presses, pull ups, curls, and tricep work… all eccentrically.  All overloading the muscle for too long.  Which means results.

My favorite part of this workout is the variety.  The mix of shoulder presses with the traditional push ups / pull ups… and the challenge of the eccentric pull ups / chin ups.

This workout is amazing.  And a total upper body strengthener.

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2 Responses to “P90X3 Eccentric Upper Review: Slow Count Reps”

  1. Coach:
    Thanks for response.
    I’m going to start x3 mass.
    I need to main my Martial Arts techniques.
    Instead of using the cold start as extra warm-up I thought on upper days I could work punches for 12 minutes and on lower kicks.
    Yoga X and MMX(added MA work)remain as per schedule.
    Do u think this would work for the 90 day mass duration without hindering progress?

    • I think that will be fine. Adding mass will be depend on 3 things.. lifting heavy, eating more clean food, and sleeping well. That’s the ticket.

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