P90X3 Eccentric Lower Review: Also Known As Legday

p90x3-eccentric-lowerIt seems that every other fitness meme on Facebook is a picture of a collapsing animal labelled with the text LEGDAY across it.  Legday has sort of become the day that everyone dreads (if they they are doing it right) and a bit of a internet phenomenon.  I’m glad it’s getting the deserved attention as a good leg workout is is one of the most critical workouts you can do.  Strong legs will give you a strong back and core.  And after that, who cares… a strong base, core, and back will allow your smaller muscle groups to do just about anything.  This is where P90X3 Eccentric Lower comes in.  It’s a true legday workout that you can do  at home.  This workout is the first true leg workout of the P90X series.  It’s LEGDAY!

P90X3 Eccentric Lower

The leg moves in P90X3 Eccentric Lower are awesome… to include Pistol squats, Sumo Squats, Lunges, and kinetic chain movements like Cross Reach.  And with the eccentric movements, you will be “exploding up” and lowering back down for a 4 count… putting maximum strain on the muscle.  This is makes this workout almost unbearable at first… but hey, that’s a good leg workout for ya.  Enjoy the burn and hang in because YOU WILL get results.

This workout works the core and back heavily too, as you are holding onto a lot of weight while doing some of the squat and lunge movements.  The next day, I really have a lot of soreness in my quads, glutes, midsection, and rhomboids… pretty much the hallmark of a successful leg day.

All in all, this workout is a home run for the P90X series… as P90X3 Eccentric Lower finally gives us a challenging, heavy duty leg day.  Just think, you can do this workout and then post the #legday picture on your FB profile.  Go you!

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