P90X3 Dynamix Review: Athletic Mobility Training


P90X3 Dynamix

P90X3 Dynamix is the replacement for the original X Stretch workout.  Not only is this workout way better, it’s way different.  X Stretch was about some basic stretching for an hour.  It was nice but pretty boring.  P90X3 Dynamix is a whole different animal.  For 30 minutes, you will not stop moving AT ALL.  Every move is dynamic and designed to help increase flexibility and mobility without doing static stretches (don’t worry we get those in X3 Yoga and Isometrix).  This workout is a treat at the end of the week and an optional workout on your rest day.  Otherwise, you will encounter Dynamix on your Recovery week.

P90X3 Dynamix Review

You’ll sweat a bit in this one.  With push ups, some tricky movements, and constant motion… you’ll be getting your heart rate up a bit.  This workout includes stretching, core, and light strength work.  You might need a shower afterwards.  The best part of P90X3 Dynamix is how you feel afterwards.  Open and mobile.  Relaxed.  It’s enough of a workout to break up any soreness from the week and also mellow enough to help you feel calm and stretched.

P90X3 Dynamix is just another improvement over the original P90X.  There are few things in X3 that do not improve upon the original, bring efficiencies, and improve the whole P90X process.  As a whole, Dynamix is indicative of where the P90X franchise is going.  Moving forward, improving, and gaining momentum… while not giving up an ounce of difficulty or compromising at all.  Another great workout in a great program!

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