P90X P90X2 P90X3 Trilogy Is Here! Check it.

p90x-p90x2-p90x3-trilogyStarting today and for the month of October, I am offering killer deals on P90X and P90X2.  These are the programs that started it all… and the idea is that you can get into the original P90X or the more focused and sports training specific P90X2 in preparation for P90X3 by early next year.

Wanna get in stupid good shape?  These are the programs and the plan that will get you there.  The P90X P90X2 P90X3 Trilogy is the answer to amazeballs home fitness.

P90X P90X2 P90X3 Trilogy

P90X is the original, and in my opinion… the absolute best fat shredding program on the planet.  I have never been as ripped as the end of a round of P90X.  That’s because these workouts are simple, effective, and honestly super challenging.  There is no fluff and no holds barred.  Just lift hard and see results.  It doesn’t get better than the original P90X.

P90x2 is an amazing extension of P90X and is great for people that have really gotten a handle on P90X (it takes some work to master P90X, trust me).  This is for people that want to push their workouts to the next level of challenge.  The moves are similar to P90X, but with balance and speed components that add both core strengthening and athletic conditioning.  P90X2 has actually been used by Olympic athletes to train.  It’s that good.

During the month of October, I am doing a promotion with both P90X and P90X2, and putting them in Challenge Packs (The program + game changing nutrition with Shakeology) for only $180.  This is about a $90 savings over buying the program and nutrition alone… and will seriously get you results if you pair the two.

>>P90X Challenge Pack<<

>>P90X2 Challenge Pack<<

P90X P90X2 P90X3 Trilogy

To make things even more interesting… P90X3 is on the horizon as the last installment of the P90X P90X2 P90X3 Trilogy.  This workout promises to combine the best of P90X and P90X2 and keep the workouts shorter… and more focused on big results in less time.  This is going to be the program that gets EVERYONE doing P90X.  Seriously.  You thought P90X was big?  P90X3 will blow it out of the water.  And you will see why when you do it this winter.

I get the latest P90X3 release information directly from Beachbody.  Don’t hesitate to provide your email in the form below to get the latest updates and info on P90X3.  We’ll even be doing an online group for P90X3 starting in January 2014!  Get engaged and get fit with this new, awesome program!

Option #1: The P90X3 Challenge Pack (Best Value).  Get P90X3 + Shakeology for $180 (this saves over $90 on the combined products and helps to guarantee a better diet).  It’s also easy to cancel the recurring shakeology order, so a great way to save $$ even if you don’t want Shakeology every month.

Customer & Coach: $180 (December Only)

>>P90X3 Challenge Pack<<

Option #2: The P90X3 Deluxe Kit.  Base Kit plus 3 extra workouts for an optional 4th phase (to be completed after the first 90 days and a tub of Energy & Endurance (E&E).

Customer: $240
Coach: $180

>>P90X3 Deluxe Kit<<

Option #3: The P90X3 Base Kit.  16 workouts and fitness + nutrition guide + a P90X3 hat.

Customer: $120
Coach: $90

>>P90X3 Base Kit<<

All orders come with a money back guarantee and ME as your coach!  Time to bring it!

This has been the P90X P90X2 P90X3 Trilogy. Thanks for reading!

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
P90X Certified Trainer / Diamond Beachbody Coach

I currently live in sunny San Diego California and work with people around the country and Internationally on their health and fitness goals. Join my Free Beachbody Team, follow me on Facebook, or friend me on Facebook to join my Free Accountability and Support group. Start today!

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