Nutrient Density – Why Counting Calories Isn’t Enough

nutrient-densityIn a world of low-calorie this and zero-fat that… the most important way to measure if a food is healthy or not… is ignored.  Sure you want to try to keep calories down and fat/carbs at bay.  But the choices you make may come at a cost.  Most foods that claim to be low calorie (particularly processed/boxed foods) are also incredibly low in nutrient density.

You might think that you don’t care… but you do.  And here’s why.

Nutrient Density: The Problem

Your body requires a lot of things.  Calories (for energy) is only one them.  The body constantly requires vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep going.  And when it doesn’t get them… it screams for more.  This is what you call “hunger” or “a craving”.

What’s interesting is that most low-calorie processed foods have very little of this kind of thing (nutrient density)… so when you eat that 100 calorie snack pack… you do almost nothing to help your hunger.  So you eat another one… and another one.  It’s easy to consume a lot of empty, processed calories trying to give the body what it needs.

Nutrient density is essentially defined as the highest amount of nutrients for the lowest amount of calories.  Highly nutrient dense foods are by definition “low calorie”.

Many foods with high nutrient density have more than 10 times the vitamins and mineral of a processed/low-calorie food.  This means that one 100 calorie serving of  nutrient dense food can make you feel full.  While multiple servings of a nutrient poor food will not get you there.

You can even eat higher calorie nutrient dense foods in many cases… as you will eat less than if you are eating hollow, processed foods.

Nutrient Density: The Solution

The solution is simple.  Eat foods with high nutrient density, avoid processed foods/”diet” foods, and pay less attention to calories.

And where do you find these high nutrient density foods?

Nature creates them… complete.  Yep.  Whole, real, entire, complete foods.  You may not know how to find, select, prepare, or eat these foods yet… but they are better than any processed food on the shelf once you learn what to do with them.  It’s amazing.

Until I learned, I had no idea.

Another option?  Shakeology.  It’s the most nutrient dense health food/meal I have ever seen.  I have a shake and don’t even think about food for 3-4 hours.  It’s that good.

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Nutrient Density

Focus on whole foods, nutrient dense foods, and forget about your frozen “health” meals and 100 calorie packs all loaded with nothing that will actually make you stop eating.  Put science on your side, eat right, and win the fight.  Easily.

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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