Non Scale Victories: Why You Should Focus On NSV’s

non-scale-victoriesNon Scale Victories (or NSV’s) are one of the most important things to recognize on your health and fitness journey.  While most are concerned with the scale and how many pounds they have lost… people that are really focused on getting long term results are tuned into non scale victories… and all the goodies that these little wins provide.  NSV’s are key for motivation and proof of progress.  While your weight loss may stall from time to time (and for good reason), non scale victories will not.  And so that’s why it’s important to both identify and focus on them.  They will reward you more than the scale, and here is why.

Non Scale Victories

Here’s why the scale may let you down.  You don’t always lose body weight because body weight is a poor measurement of progress.  Body weight DOES NOT equal fat loss.  You can be losing fat and the scale may not budge for a number of reasons:

  • Water retention (from workouts or salt intake)
  • Muscles mass gain (a good thing)
  • Time of the month (ladies)

And you may be doing an exercise program that doesn’t really accelerate fat loss in the initial stages.  So you may get discouraged and even quit if you are focused on the scale… even when you were actually make progress!

Non Scale Victories

Here are the non scale victories you can focus on to help you stay motivated and have that feeling of progress and accomplishment.  These are valuable things that will keep you in it:

  • How you feel (do you feel better when you eat right and exercise?)
  • How your clothes fit (looser?)
  • Before picture (see any change, especially in the face/neck area?)
  • Increased energy (more?)
  • Positive outlook (better?)
  • Regularity (um…)
  • Etc

The list goes on and on.  The point is to find the right non scale victories for you and focus on them.  Focus on how good you feel!  That alone is enough.  If you use NSV’s as motivation in the beginning, the weight will come off in the end.  And that’s how you get it done!

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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