New Strawberry Shakeology… The Newest in the Shakeology Line

new-strawberry-shakeologyThe new Strawberry Shakeology is coming to your house.  If you have been waiting for a Shakeology flavor besides the standard Vanilla and Chocolate… Strawberry has come to the rescue.  I can say that I LIVE on Shakeology, having it once a day (and sometime twice!).  And it’s the cornerstone of my healthy diet.  Especially when I’m busy.  So having a new non-vegan flavor (I prefer the non-vegan over the vegan flavors) is a big deal.  Right now I essentially alternate between Chocolate and Vanilla… but now with Strawberry, I can mix it up even more!  So the new Strawberry Shakeology is a welcome change for me!

New Strawberry Shakeology

When I am building, I use Shakeology to supplement my diet and give me more of what I need to build muscle mass.  And it works!  And when I am trying to lean out, I rely on Shakeology even more.  It’s a meal replacement and low calorie deliverer of nutrients.  Shakeology is the only way I can eat lower calories and not feel tired and “low energy”.  And get a six pack.

The new Strawberry Shakeology is undoubtedly a third flavor I will be adding to the mix.  Who knows, maybe it will be the favorite.  And mixing it up will ensure that I am drinking it for years to come (which means I will be healthy for years to come!).

>>Try Strawberry Shakeology<<
*New Strawberry Shakology Available January 13th

As usual, the new Strawberry Shakeology is sourced from all natural ingredients from the earth.  The nutrients are from whole plants and bioavailable so that you get the full benefit of what is in the product.  This is what sets Shakeology apart from any other shake.  Beachbody understands the importance of real food and doesn’t pump additives or chemicals in the product to get numbers to come out as ideal.  At Beachbody, ideal is what what comes naturally…. and has been proven time and time again to be far superior to anything that can be synthesized.

This is why you pay more for Shakeology.  This is why it works better.  And this is why I promote it so readily.  It’s real food.

New Strawberry Shakeology

The new Strawberry Shakeology will be available in bags/packets and combo packs.  The most interesting will be the 3 flavor combo pack with Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry.  That will be my monthly order in the future!

Follow the link below if you want to try Shakeology.  Remember, you always have a 30 day, money back gaurantee… so nothing to lose!!

>>Try Strawberry Shakeology<<
*New Strawberry Shakology Available January 13th

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