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monthly-workout-calendarYou wouldn’t get in your car and drive to St Louis without a map or GPS guide would you?  Chances are you would get lost, waste fuel, and end up in Texas.  You don’t want to approach your fitness the same way either.  You need a map.  A guide.  Without this essential tool, you will be wandering through your exercise and fitness like a lost child…  getting a workout here and there and not really doing the things that promote long term fitness.  Make no mistake, real fitness is a science… and very few of us have the knowledge to get a solid program going that will both keep us going and get results.

The Benefit of a Monthly Workout Calendar

A monthly workout calendar is something that tells you what you will be doing each and every day.  It’s typically laid out by week and month (or micro and macro phase if you want to get smartypants) and a good calendar has precise design to get you the best results in the least amount of time.

The best part of a monthly workout calendar?  Well, if you decide to skip a day, you have to slide the schedule to the right and make that day up before moving on.  If you actually intend to complete a workout program, then this delays completion… something you don’t want to do… as you will want to finish as soon as possible.  So you have instant accountability… and it works!  Every time you want to bail on a workout, you know that you have slide dates, schedules, and delay finishing.  This is almost more of a pain in the ass then actually doing the workout!  So guess what?  You do the workout!  As time goes on, a habit is formed and you just know that you can’t miss your workout today.  It works beautifully.

A Simple Truth: The worst mistake you can make is to not have a monthly workout calendar.

This is the key to your success and one of the most effective tools in my own toolbox for accountability.  The only way to not benefit from a workout calendar is to simply not have one.  And I am amazed at how many people approach their own fitness without one!

How To Get A Monthly Workout Calendar

If you know what you want to do, develop a monthly workout calendar that has you working out at least 5 days a week, rotating muscle groups, and getting variety across the week with a mix of workouts.  Doing the same thing every day will not only make you plateau (see Plateau Effect – Monthly Workout Calendar) and/or get bored… you may ruin something you once enjoyed because you are doing it too often.

You will also want to change up routines roughly every month to avoid mastery of your workouts… not changing will make you efficient at the workouts thus limiting results.  You always want to be challenging yourself and every 3-4 weeks, you need a new challenge to keep the changes coming.

This is a lot to know, design, and track…  and is over most people’s heads.  If you really want to tackle an awesomely designed program and get real results, get…

A Monthly Workout Calendar In A Box

Here is where I recommend programs like P90X, Insanity, Body Beast, Turbofire, Les Mills Pump, and Brazil Butt Lift.  These programs are designed by the best trainers and come with a very easy to follow monthly workout calendar.  Accountability, fitness, and fun/challenging programs in a box that you can do in your home, and in the most efficient way possible.

These programs have all but eliminated the need to go to expensive gyms and use complex equipment.  All you need is some minimal equipment in your home (sometimes none), the will to commit to a real fitness program, and a monthly workout calendar to keep you on track.  Combined with the nutrition plan that comes with all these programs and support from the coaching program (yours truly), you have all the pieces to really get in badass shape.  This is most likely the first time in your life that you have this complete a package available to you.  Use the opportunity!

It really does get back to basics though and having a monthly workout calendar that is well designed and gives you accountability is one of the major keys.  I cannot be there every day to tell you to get it done.  You have to be able to do that for yourself… and without a calendar and accountability, it is nearly impossible.  Armed with a monthly workout calendar, you will have the blueprint you need to be focused and successful on your own.  You are your own fitness coach and motivator, you just don’t know it yet.

Thanks for reading this article and I encourage you to contact me if you want more information on programs or advice on fitness.  Although I like to recommend these programs as a fitness solution, I am always available to discuss diet and fitness with anyone that wants to make changes.

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