Meet Your Coach: Ryan The Introvert

meet-your-coachI get to chat with a lot of people these days. That’s what coaching is really all about… maintaining a lot of supportive relationships with people that have a common goal. In my case, these supportive relationships are centered around health, fitness, and personal development… probably in that order of importance. One thing that will almost always surprise people is when I tell them that I’m an introvert. I am. Always have been, always will be. I’m guessing a few of you can relate?

Meet Your Coach: Ryan The Introvert

As a kid I was painfully shy. And although people change, they don’t totally change. I’m still the shy kid. Haha. It’s okay, it’s given me time to figure some things out. I’m what you would call “a thinker”.

It’s been kind of awesome though, the last couple of years to take on the role of fitness coach… instructor and personal trainer. I’m still shy, but these things force me to get out of my comfort zone a bit. Actually a lot. And that makes what would be a pretty sheltered life, pretty exciting. It’s the push I have always needed.

I do a ton of my work on the internet… so that doesn’t make my success dependent on being uber social. But I also have to do much more talking to people that I ever thought I would… or could. Relationships with other people are the cornerstone of my coaching business. And connecting with people is something that even us introverts need to do.

All this leads to a slightly happier, slightly less introverted me. And I’m forced toward personal growth to continue to progress… which for anyone, especially an introvert, is a game changer.

If you are an introvert… embrace your introvertedness! It’s a tool as much as it’s an inconvenience. With a little exposure and personal development, you will thrive as slightly extroverted introvert! And it feels good.


Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
Health/Fitness Coach & Trainer

I currently live in sunny San Diego California and work with people around the country as well as Internationally on their health and fitness goals. Please LIKE me on Facebook and JOIN The Locker Room (Free Accountability and Support group)

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