Luck Dictates Our Success… Or At Least Some Think

luck-dictates-our-successI was on a run yesterday chatting with a friend about the nature of luck.  He had recently gotten into an argument with a family member who informed him that he was “lucky” that he had found so much success in his life.  I can relate, as I know a few people that have suggested that I have been lucky in my life as well.  Why is it that some people seem to have luck, and some do not?  Is life really that unfair?  While I can admit, there are moments of luck and things that occur that are indeed “lucky”… success has little to do with luck.  We’re on way too long a timeline to believe that luck dictates our success or failure.

Luck Dictates Our Success

Lucky is winning the lottery.  And if that’s your plan for a successful life, you are pretty much ensuring that you get stuck with whatever life hands you.  So unless you have that winning ticket (you don’t, just know that now)… you are going to have to create your “luck”.

If luck dictates our success, then I would define luck as working hard, learning as much as you can from the smartest people, and never giving up on your goals.  Maybe my “luck” is having that perspective… because it certainly has created a situation where I get to call the shots in my own life.

Luck Dictates Our Success

The great news is that you can be “lucky” too.  And you can start anytime.  Because it’s not really luck at all.  It’s a mindset and a lifestyle.  All it will require is some goals, with the persistence and patience to work towards those goals.  You may have to spend less time on the computer.  You may have to spend less time watching TV.  You may have to step outside your comfort zone.  And you may have to take chances.  The result though, is pretty sweet.  All the “luck” you can handle.

And if you by chance make a million dollars?  You won’t blow it because you EARNED every penny of it.

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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  1. This is one of my favorite posts Ryan. Lucky, I hear people say that about others all the time. Working your butt off to acquire your dreams isn’t’s determination.:)

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