Life Is A Wheel: A Message To A Good Friend

Dear Friend,

I know you are going through a hard time in your life. As much as I want to say I understand… I’m not you. All I can give you is my best advice based on my own harsh life lessons. I hope this helps in some way… as it’s done out of love.

Life is a wheel. Round and round it goes. Sometimes you’re on the top of the wheel, looking at the beauty of the sky and stars. These are the happiest of times and they are what make life worth living. And sometimes you’re on the bottom of the wheel, buried in the dirt and feeling nothing but the entire weight of the wheel on your back. These hard times make life worth learning.

And you are at the bottom. The bottom, where the wheel feels like it weighs a million pounds. At the bottom, the wheel doesn’t even feel like it’s turning. It’s the worst of feelings. I know.

But round and round it goes, slow as it may be. The wheel is always moving. Time is unstoppable.

You will find yourself at the top once again, dear friend. You will see the stars again. You will even see the one’s you didn’t notice before. Because this particular trip around was slower and the wheel was heavier than ever. The depth of your struggle will reveal new things… and your view at the top will be like never before.

The wheel becomes lighter because of this and your next trip to the bottom the load will weigh less.

Life is a wheel, and we grow with each trip around it. It’s the longest and darkest of trips that define who we are and what we see at the top. Know this opportunity to grow and change. As much as it hurts, embrace the struggle that is your life. And look forward to the journey to the top once again… someday down the road. Oh, the view you will have!

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
Health/Fitness Coach & Trainer

I currently live in sunny San Diego California and work with people around the country as well as Internationally on their health and fitness goals. Please LIKE me on Facebook and JOIN The Locker Room (Free Accountability and Support group)

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