Lean Body Mass: Why Muscle Is A Good Thing

lean-body-massIt’s pretty typical that someone will equate lean body mass and building muscle to some bulgy image of a guy or girl.  This is the image we have been exposed to… steroid-ed, shaven clean as a baby’s bottom, and covered in oil.  While it’s might be interesting to imagine what it would be like to be that strong… most of us never will… at least not without a lot of help (wink wink).  So tacking on REASONABLE lean body mass (get that image out of your head) will just take a scrawny frame, and make it a little bigger.  And this is a good thing!  Here’s why.

Lean Body Mass

Besides looking better… yes, slightly muscular bodies look better than their underweight/overweight counterparts…  adding lean body mass will give you some real health benefits.

The biggest of which is an increased metabolism.  Around the clock.  More lean muscle means that you burn more calories throughout the day… even while you sleep!  This equates to the ability to eat a little bit more (yay!) and having more energy.  Yep, having a little more lean muscle on your body means you can eat more and feel better throughout your day.  That alone is worth it in this writers humble opinion.  But if that’s not enough…

Being stronger, more able, and more capable for starters…  but let’s get back to health benefits.

Strong muscles means a strong heart… so your likely hood of heart disease will decrease.  Because you are not storing fat, you will have decreased risk of cancer and diabetes.  These are the most deadly diseases and maladies out there folks… and you are significantly reducing your risk by building some lean body mass and getting fit.

In older men and women, building lean muscle can help with arthritis.  In older women, reduced risk of osteoporosis.

Okay, that’s enough.  You are convinced.  You DO want a longer, healthier life.  How do you build this lean body mass?

Lift heavy things.  Weights.  Do body weight exercises like push ups and pull ups.  Whatever you can.  Do reps until you can’t do any more.  Then take a very short rest and DO MORE!  This is called muscle hypertrophy and it will help recruit slightly larger muscle fibers.  These larger fibers result in larger overall muscle volume an strength.  Nothing crazy.  But enough to give all the benefits that we just discussed.

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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  1. connie gillespie Reply May 8, 2014 at 5:25 am

    As always, I am smarter after reading this, than before!

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