Killer 25 Minute Workout – Focus T25 Review


A Killer 25 Minute Workout

Yesterday, I got to do the soon be released Focus T25 workout from trainer Shaun T.  This workout is designed to deliver Insanity like results in 25 minutes a day and 5 days a week.   This is such a great target… get a workout in less than 30 minutes and only on the weekdays.  Perfect amount of time so that no on can really deny doing it.  With P90X and Insanity you were spending up to and hour a day (sometimes more) and six days a week… with this, you will get those same types of results, but super focused and time efficient.  That said… this workout was not easy.

I got to do a workout called Focus T25 Core Speed…. and it was freakin’ hard!  Here are my thoughts!

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Focus T25 Review

First of all, there is no warm up… no stretch, and no BS.  It’s right into circuit work with high intensity cardio core moves that get your heart rate up instantly.  Within three minutes the sweat was pumping and I was in it!

I like this program more that Insanity is my first thought… the circuits have more variety and use moves that REQUIRE core engagement to do properly.  That’s a big deal.  :)

In the second round of moves, the entire room gasped when Shaun T and crew dropped into “One Arm Burpees”.  I, of course, loved the challenge and started banging out my first ever one arm burpees.  My core was on fire!  Great stuff!

The workout pushed all the way to the end with NO REST.  There were some active rest moves but nothing where we actually stopped.  High intensity, fun, and non-stop.

I was happy to hit the 25 minute mark and stop though, as I was drenched in sweat and felt totally gassed from this workout.  Then there was an additional 2.5 minute cool down stretch that was optional after the workout.  I thought this was really smart, as I want and am willing to spend and extra couple of minutes stretching after the workout!  With Focus T25 you have the option.

Focus T25: Phases

Some information on the phases and how they work were also discussed.  Here are the phases:

Alpha Phase: General endurance, cardio, and strength building focus

Beta Phase: Core focus

Gamma Phase: Resistance and muscle building focus

I am most interested in the GAMMA PHASE of Focus T25, as I love to work with weights and resistance.  Can’t wait to see what Shaun T has in store for us!

>>Buy Focus T25 for $119.95<<

>>Buy Focus T25 Challenge Pack for $180<<

Focus T25

So that’s it!  Killer workout and killer trainer (quite literally, he’ll kill you, haha).  This program hits my store in about 8 weeks and you will be able to pre-order from me soon.  I will keep everyone on my mailing list up to date with the latest T25 news and release dates.  So provide your email to get the latest and ensure that you have this program as soon as it hits the streets!!

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