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It takes real work to lose body fat.  Insanity is the 60 day program that will get you results!

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Most people try diets and/or ineffective exercise programs that don’t work in the long term.  The problem is:

a) you have to really work, have structure, and a plan


b) you have to build lean muscle to burn fat… cardio alone doesn’t work

Here is the solution.  Insanity will give a real workout program with structure and will help you build lean muscle to burn fat!!

For the month of April, we have Insanity Challenge Packs at a huge discount so that we can get people results in the 60 days left until summer.  An Insanity Challenge Pack comes with:

  • The entire 60 day program on DVD (no equipment required)
  • The meal plan for your 60 day journey to ensure you lose weight and fuel workouts
  • Daily meal replacement and lean muscle building supplementation with Shakeology (this is the diet secret!)
  • An online private FB group with others starting at the same time for both motivation and accountability
  • Me!  A certified trainer and online Insanity Coach to help answer any and all questions and keep you in the game for 60 days
  • Free shipping on everything
  • Online meal planners on the Team Beachbody website
  • A fun and effective way to get fit!

==> Join Challenge & Buy Insanity Now!! <==

My last Challenge group is finishing right now and we have 15 out of 16 people completing the program.  That is results!!  Here are Mike’s (now a fitness coach and making $$) results from doing Insanity…


Mike – Pre Insanity



Mike – Post Insanity

Crazy results!  Mike looks like a different person, a health person… thanks to Insanity!!

This months sale on Insanity Challenge Packs is a crazy deal!  Here are the normal prices for what you get:

  • Insanity – Normally $119.95 + ~$10 Shipping
  • Shakeology – Normally $129.95 + ~$10Shipping

That’s $249.90 total for the these effective products!  Honestly, this would be worth it if it had the ability to change your life, right?

In the month of April, we are discounting Insanity Challenge Packs to $180!  After the savings on shipping, this is a savings of $90!!  Awesome.  Fricken.  Deal.  Plus a free support group and free online coach?  What are you waiting for?  Now is the time to jump in with both feet and make those changes you know you need to make!!


==> Join Challenge & Buy Insanity Now!! <==

A couple of things.  First of all, this offer is for a very limited time (group registration closes on April 20th).  And second, I am capping the group at 20 people, meaning that I have exactly 9 spots left!  Don’t hesitate to join now and commit to this change, it will be the best decision you have ever made!!

As with all of my programs, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee and a “bottom of the bag” return policy on Shakeology.  This means that there is ZERO risk to try the program and the meal replacement!  You have nothing to lose!

Order now by clicking the link below and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!  You can do this.  With the fitness program, the right nutrition, and support… YOU WILL NOT FAIL!!  COMMIT!

==> Join Challenge & Buy Insanity Now!! <==

Remember that you will have a great coach and support group on your side, cheering you on through your fitness journey.  Take advantage of the savings and this offer, it won’t be around forever.

Coach Ryan Gillespie

PS. Just in case you are still wavering, knock it off and commit to doing this now!!!

==> Join Challenge & Buy Insanity Now!! <==

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
P90X Certified Trainer / Diamond Beachbody Coach

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