Hi, I’m Your Coach… Nice To Meet You

hi-im-your-coachThe times, they are a changin’.  Gone are the days that you have to go to the local store to get stuff you need.  Businesses run on networks, people work remotely, and the world is connected virtually.  This has made a number of things obsolete and/or changed the game in some significant ways.  One change that I am particularly fond of, is the the fitness trend.  Not only can you get an abundance of good (and bad) health and fitness information on the internet… you can workout at home and network with others doing the same.  And your coach (Hi, I’m your coach… nice to meet you) is there waiting to help too.  As the trainer and the complex gym machines fade to a distant memory, a new model of self-reliance, virtual teaming, and a supportive environment emerges.  And your fitness coach is there to make it all happen.

Well, not completely.  I can’t show up at your house and yell at you.  I can’t lift the weights for you and I can’t choose what you fork into your mouth.  That’s not what I do.  The fitness trainer and coach of old was a drill sergeant.  I am not that.  My goal is different.

Honestly, I think I can help you change to a life more rounded in terms of health and fitness by simply helping you realize one thing…

That fitness and health can be fun.  That progress is measurable and rewarding.  And that eating right can make you feel good.

That’s it.  I cannot make you change.  I cannot make you do a damn thing.  My goal is to help you develop new habits that you love… and habits that help you love yourself.

It’s very simple.  A trainer can yell and push you, which is needed during a workout (I leave that to the DVD trainers I advocate like Shaun T, Tony Horton, Sagi Kalev, and Chalene Johnson).  You DO need someone to tell you that you can push a little further… you can do more.  but when the workout ends, your trainer is put back in the box.

The other 23 hours is where I come into the picture.  But I can’t watch you for 23 hours, I can only give you ideas and plans that will make you successful… or even just a little better than before.  So instead I have to give you all the tools for you to make yourself successful.  That’s my job.

While a P90X infomercial boasts radical changes in 90 days (and it works, I am proof of that)… I am willing to coach both those transformations and ones that are much more gradual.  For me, health and fitness is not a 90 day freak out… it’s a lifelong adventure.  And it’s only when habits are learned that you enjoy and appreciate, will you keep them for a lifetime.

That’s what coaching is.  Changing your mindset.  Changing your outlook from “I wish I could” to “I am” or “I can”.

Hi, I’m Your Coach… Nice To Meet You

The reality is that I work with people so that they become their own coaches, their own trainers, and their own fitness experts.  This is how you become healthy for life.  You are no longer dependent on others to help you make the right choices.  You are completely autonomous and those good choices add up over the months and years.  Health and fitness is achieved.  People even notice that their habits “rub off on” others.  Loved ones, friends, and co-workers become more healthy and fit because of this influence.

That’s what coaching is about.  Teaching people that they can do it for themselves… and that dependance on others in not required or even desired!  It starts with small steps and some confidence building…  ending in total transformation and badassery.  It’s a powerful but also very simple distinction.  You can do it for yourself.

Most of all, it’s fun.  If it’s not, you will not do it for a lifetime!

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
P90X Certified Trainer / Diamond Beachbody Coach

I currently live in sunny San Diego California and work with people around the country and Internationally on their health and fitness goals. Join my Free Beachbody Team, follow me on Facebook, or friend me on Facebook to join my Free Accountability and Support group. Start today!

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