Healthy Summer Grilling: Why You Should Be Grilling!

healthy-summer-grillingSummer is awesome… and one of my favorite summertime activities is eating food!  The great part is that we get to get outside and use the grill.  The grill is all about cooking real food that is delicious and satisfying… and even avoiding all the clean up that comes with a kitchen.  Grilling is a pastime.  Whether you call them cookouts or BBQ’s… you can utilize your BBQ to do some healthy summer grilling!

Healthy Summer Grilling

I love the grill because it does the one most important thing in all of healthy eating.  It makes you eat real food!  People that otherwise may buy and eat processed foods can now can throw a slab of meat and some vegetables on the grill and make food in it’s healthiest form… which is real, whole foods.  You typically don’t grill processed foods.  So the beauty of healthy summer grilling is that it automatically eliminates processed food from your diet.  And that is nothing short of amazing!

The real key to utilizing the grill is just going for it.  While it’s always better to cook lean proteins and try to stay healthier with what you grill… just the fact that you are buying, preparing, and eating whole foods off the grill is enough.


Cooking items that you have to slather on a ton of sugary sauce to make taste good… like BBQ ribs with a lot of BBQ sauce… is one of the few cases that you can sabotage healthy summer grilling.  It’s also a sign of poor cooking skills if you have to mask your food flavor with store bought sauces and sugary stuff.  Instead do a dry rub rib and you will be better off… or find one of the 50 other things you can do on the grill and you will be good to go!

Go out and buy good meat (I like organic personally) and get your hands on tons of veggies too.  Veggies taste amazing on the grill… I’m thinking corn, zucchini, and asparagus… but you can grill just about anything.  And side salads and veggies are a great compliment to your grillables as well!

Healthy Summer Grilling

If you can utilize the grill, cook real food, and avoid excessive sugary sauces… you can eat a smattering of awesome food and not bust your belt-line.  Feast away and enjoy!

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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