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Brunna & Ben

Meet Coach Brunna. She’s just a girl from Brazil and has made a home here in the US. What makes Brunna different than most women when it comes to health and fitness is that she LOVES to lift weights. Heavy too. I have seen her numbers.

Along with Coach Brunna’s excitement for exercise, eating healthy, and existence as a general badass chick… she has a story. And like most stories, this one doesn’t follow a straight line to success. Her goal of getting lean and strong has been one of learning, changing, and growing. But any journey worth the trip is going to have it’s challenges. Here is Brunna’s story.

Getting Lean and Strong: The Story

Brunna was born in Sao Paulo Brazil. After moving at the age of 4 to the smaller town of Recife… Brunna spent most of her childhood growing up with a healthy family. Mom and Dad were both very active with sports and passed the torch to Brunna and a child. As in many places other than the US, they lived on a diet of whole foods… her Dad bringing home organic foods from the markets in their city… and Mom preparing wholesome meals for the family. This lifestyle has very much influenced Brunna’s lifestyle today, as she works hard to find food that comes from good sources… foods that will help her stay  in peak fitness and health.

In her college years, Brunna’s Grandmother (here in the US) helped her come here to go to school and learn English. Having extensive family back home, this was of course difficult… but she soon met her future husband Ben. And with that, Brunna decided to stay. And while she still loves it here in the United States, it’s clear in talking to her that she very much misses her home country, friends, and family. I respect anyone that has the courage to choose life in a new country… it’s a bold move. Sure she a new family with her husband Ben and continues to learn the lifestyle and language of the US… but there will always be a connection to her homeland.

Getting Lean and Strong: Lifting



One of the things that Ben and Brunna shared immediately was a love of health and fitness. They started working out together, many times competitive with each other… pushing each other in their daily workouts. And while Brunna was happy to be healthy, she was not getting the results she desired. She was working out hard… why was she not seeing the lean body that came with this work? Two things, according to Brunna, happened that changed everything.

The first thing that happened on her journey to getting lean and strong? Weights. She started lifting big weight and put her focus on building muscle. In her own words:

“Feeling strong is the thing I love most. Seeing my biceps growing everyday, definition in my legs, and my tummy shrinking… I don’t understand why women are SO against lifting weights. They don’t know what they’re missing! I love myself a LOT more now. People may say “oh, you should love yourself even if you’re fat”. That doesn’t work with me. For me, if you love yourself, you take care of that gift that God gave you. Your body is the “house” you’re gonna live in your whole life, whether you want to or not. You better take care of it.”

So Coach Brunna lost herself in a lifting program called BODY BEAST, a program we both currently do and coach. And while she didn’t get all big and bulky (women don’t, they don’t have the testosterone to do so), she built some real lean muscle mass throughout her body. She got stronger. And like she said, her self image improved.

Of course the story doesn’t end there…  she was still not getting the results she wanted. Her new muscle was helping her metabolism soar and so she was eating a lot of food. But even with healthy food to help build her new body, she couldn’t seem to find the physique she wanted.

Getting Lean and Strong: Diet

That brings us to the second thing that happened. Combined with lifting, Brunna used a diet program called the 21 DAY FIX to learn to portion her meals appropriately. Learning how and when to eat the right amount of carbs (Brunna, like all of us.. loves carbs).  And learning how to portion healthy fats like peanut butter made all the difference for her.

With the last piece of the of the puzzle in place, things started really working for her. Her arms and legs became toned and defined… and her waist got slender. The six pack even started making an appearance.

Needles to say, after all this work, Brunna was ecstatic. Strength combined with a lean and sexy body… she had found her health and fitness “happy place”.


Brunna Today

So that was it. The silver bullet (or silver bullets if you will). Lifting and working out hard to build muscle. And eating lots of clean, appropriately balanced foods. Coach Brunna always looked good, but now looks and feels amazing.

When asked what she has learned from this journey, here is what Coach Brunna says:

“I feel privileged. It’s a mindset. Privileged that I CAN workout and that I CAN make changes in my diet. I feel privileged to HAVE a coach that is excited to see my results and supports my journey to a different and better individual. Do I think it will be easy? No, that would be unrealistic. But I know that changing my mind and learning to LOVE the pain and struggle will improve me. I WILL be a better person TODAY than what I was yesterday!”

I couldn’t have said it any better.

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