Get Ripped In 30 Minutes Or Less… For Real

get-ripped-in-30-minutes-or-lessI never thought I could get in great shape with only 25 minutes a day (yep, get ripped in 30 minutes or less!).  It’s pretty amazing…. but right now I am at the lowest body fat percentage I’ve ever been in my life.   This includes the festivities of summer, a major trip to a country with awesome food (Peru), and football season.  All that, and I’m only working out 25 minutes day… 5 days a week.  I am amazed at what I am seeing on the scale and in the mirror.

Get Ripped In 30 Minutes Or Less

I was already in pretty dang good shape… but over the spring and early summer I had added back a little of what I like to call “baby fat”.  Yep.  The ol’ abs were a little obscured and I was feeling  a bit squishy.

So along came Focus T25 and a promise of getting results in much less time.  I was, of course, skeptical.  The workouts themselves were challenging and fun… but I’m used to working out for more than an hour a day and fighting, even then, to get that six pack.

As I spent a good portion of the first phase traveling (but still working out), I thought that cutting down and leaning out was going to be mission impossible.  But the nice thing was that I got back from Peru and had actually dropped a pound!  Part of this had to do with the fact that their food was so real, and so clean… but the other part was that FOCUS T25 WORKS.  Was it really possible to get ripped in 30 minutes or less?

Now in my last week of the 14 week Alpha-Beta-Gamma schedule of Focus T25…  I’m down to super low body fat and the muscles are poppin’.  It’s ridiculous actually.

The secret has been not only in the T25 workouts, but in the T25 diet plan.  It’s amazingly simple, keeps it low calorie and balanced, and creates a fat loss situation that works for anybody… even people that are really low in body fat (which is VERY hard).

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This also makes me EXTREMELY excited for the new P90X3… which boasts P90X results in only 30 minutes a day!!

Get Ripped In 30 Minutes Or Less

The future is here, and it’s in these groundbreaking SHORT workouts that really give you amazing strength and results in less time.  You can get ripped in 30 minutes or less.  I am now proof of that!

If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming P90X3, please provide your info below:

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  1. So true I’m wrapping up Alpha phase and already seeing my body fat drop and I was already at a low body fat!!

    • It’s crazy how effective these short workouts are. Of course, it’s pretty dependent on following the nutritional guidelines… but still… wow.

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