Get A Better Workout At Home

get-a-better-workout-at-homeI stood awkwardly 10 feet from the squat rack waiting for the guy using it to quit pussy-footing around and get his reps in.  As I waited to jump in, my frustration built.  My heart rate was dropping and my back-to-back super-setting was not going as planned.  I could see my workout being jeopardized and I was losing steam.

Screw it I thought, I’ll jump on the Smith Machine to do my squats.  I threw some plates on the bar and hit a warm up set.  Then I quickly ran back to the bench to supers-set with shoulders.  When I came back, some random guy is doing calf raises on the Smith Machine.  And super-slow guy on the squat rack is just sitting there with a towel over the bar and like 500 lbs on the thing.  I’m coming fucking unglued.  It’s Saturday afternoon and the gym isn’t even busy.  How can my workout get derailed like this?  I can get a better workout at home.

Get A Better Workout At Home

Just a little history.  I have been doing the majority of my workouts at home for the last 3 years.   And I have been consistent, working out 6 days a week without fail.  I have taken the time to outfit my little home gym with some really nice, but basic equipment.  Adjustable dumbbells (Bowflex 1090s go from 10 to 90 lbs), EZ bar and plates, and a bench.  All in all I have spent about $600 to get this very simple, but functional setup.

Combined with great routines like Body Beast, P90X, and workouts of my own creation… I have gotten results better than 98% of the people going to gyms.  The keys are function, variety, and consistency.  All of these are actually more achievable at home believe it or not.

But after 3 years, I have been looking forward to hitting the gym to just mix it up a bit and do something different.  Here is what I have learned.

Get A Better Workout At Home

Getting to the gym can be a hassle, making it easier to blow off.  It’s been challenging getting in my workouts in because I have to schedule about 30 minutes on each side of the workout to get there, get ready, and get home.  With a busy schedule, this makes some days just not possible.  I have had to re-arrange schedule to make it work for the week.  On the other hand, as soon as I get home… my home gym is staring me in the face.  I have no choice but to workout.

It’s harder to workout with friends at the gym.  I do most of my workouts with other people.  This is because we either meet at my place or do the group workout every Tuesday.  It’s hard to do this at the gym because everyone has to have a membership.  And good luck with equipment.  It’s counter-intuitive, but I can workout more easily with my friends in my home gym or outside.

Getting on the equipment can be difficult.  This is my number one issue with going to the gym.  My workouts involve fast pacing to workout both aerobically and anaerobically.  This is key to my results and it’s damn near impossible to do at the gym.  The result has been frustration and sub-par workouts.  I’m sorry, but I like to work REALLY hard at the gym, which means very little rest time.  And standing to wait for a machine or equipment just doesn’t cut it.  Sub par workout equals sub par results.  This is why I get a better workout at home!  I have everything I need and don’t have to wait to get on it!

Get A Better Workout At Home

So if you are planning on getting serious about fitness.  Let me ask you… do you want to spend your money on gym fees?  Or do you want to spend your money building a lifelong place to get in shape that you can successfully use almost everyday.  No waiting.  No BS.  Just you and no excuses.

Once you have the right pieces in place, fitness is not as hard as you might think.  The secret to my success has been discovering that I have everything within me to succeed.  I don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment, or have a lot of people around to find my inner strength.  I just need something sustainable and convenient.  And that’s what a well thought out home gym is all about.  Get a better workout at home.  It’s what I have been doing for over 3 years now… and will probably do for the rest of my life.

Ryan GillespieRyan Gillespie
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