Free P90X3 Download: The Options For Getting P90X3

free-p90x3-downloadThe new P90X3 program is out and available to the masses.  And of course people are already looking for the free P90X3 download.  I’m sure if you comb the various bit torrent websites, you can find yourself a screwed up, half-baked copy .  I can’t really blame some folks for wanting stuff for free, but I think this is a bit different.  I think a free P90X3 download isn’t going to help you that much.  You may not agree, but here is why I think you need to reconsider…

Free P90X3 Download

P90X3 is the newest version of P90X that promises P90X results in about half the time (30 minutes to be exact).  This program is going to be huge, as it makes elite fitness much more approachable and available to the masses.  This means there will be many a free P90X3 download that you can probably find… if you are crafty enough.

And here are three reasons why I think it’s a bad idea to do so:

#1.  You gotta have skin in the game baby.  If you’re not willing to spend a little money on your fitness, then you won’t have a lot of motivation to stick with it.  These workouts are very challenging… and over the course of 90 days, you are much more likely to say “screw it” if your investment was nothing.  I bought my first P90X program for $120 and lost 60 lbs with it (about 2 buck a pound).  It was an investment in my health and fitness that pays out to this day.

#2. You are going to get imperfect videos and may end up with a makeshift schedule.  The schedule is important… and executing the program as designed will make a big difference.  Not to mention the schedule is there for accountability.  If you get incomplete videos and no schedule, how successful do you really think you will be?  Not very in my experience.  P90X3 is a system, and your free P90X3 download is an incomplete version most likely.

#3. You have to execute the diet plan.  The diet plan will be responsible for 70% of your results.  A free P90X3 download may or may not include it… but hey, if you are going to cut corners on the program, you will probably cut corners on food costs/diet too… so good luck with that.  Why are you even doing the workouts if you are not putting at least some focus on the most important part of program?  The typical P90X downloader usually is doing only the fitness portion of the program.  Not effective.

Free P90X3 Download

There are many more reasons that you should buck up and get the real P90X3 in all it’s glory… but I’m not going to get into them here.  You get what you pay for in most instances… and if you are serious about P90X3, a free P90X3 download is not your magic ticket.  It’s probably a waste of your time.

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