Focus T25 vs P90X3: The Battle of the Shorter Workout Programs

focus-t25-vs-p90x3These are the two newest workout programs from Beachbody.  Both are the relative little brothers of the juggernaut Insanity and P90X programs… and both are constructed such that you can get much of the same fitness and workout in a lot less time.  With Focus T25 clocking in at 25 minutes a day and P90X at 30, it’s hard to find excuses not to do these workouts.  And that’s the idea right?  Beachbody’s goal is to get the planet fit and healthy.  And with these shorter workouts, more and more people are finding that Beachbody workouts, in home workouts, are the better way.  Now let’s compare Focus T25 vs P90X3!

Focus T25 vs P90X3: Level of Difficulty

Both programs are for intermediate to advanced exercisers.  BUT… even a novice can highly modify each of these programs to get used to high intensity training.  So which is one is more difficult?  Well, it depends.  Focus T25 will have harder cardio workouts (in general) and P90X3 will have harder resistance training (in general).  P90X3 also brings yoga to the table, challenging your mobility and flexibility.  If you do a lot of cardio or are strong with cardio… I recommend P90X3 to challenge yourself a different way (don’t worry, there is still some great cardio in X3).  If you are not strong with cardio, maybe Focus T25 is the better choice.  Either way, challenge yourself!

Focus T25 vs P90X3: Variety

P90X3 has quite a bit more variety in the workouts than T25 does.  With weights, pull ups, yoga, body weight, cardio, and pilates… P90X3 is a very diverse package.  Focus T25 will have you dealing with some weights in the second phase… but the workouts in each phase are quite similar… just usually focused on a different set of muscles.  If you like to mix it up… P90X3 is the best choice.

Focus T25 vs P90X3: Trainer

As much as I love Tony (P90X3) and his cheesy ways… I can see why many find his approach to be a bit much.  I’m a Tony Horton fan because his commentary distracts me from the fact that I am doing something hard.  But, in general and for most people… I think Shaun T will be the preferred personality.  He is just too lovable and has motivational one liners that really keep you in the workout.  Focus T25 wins here.

Focus T25 vs P90X3: Diet

While the diet approaches are pretty much the same, I can eat quite a bit more with P90X3.  With Focus T25 I am at about 1600-1800 calories per day to lean out and with P90X3, I am around 2000-2200.  Quite a difference.  That alone makes me like P90X3 when it comes to diet.  The reason you can eat more?  You are doing more resistance training and resistance training will burn more calories than cardio.  And in the long run, building muscle makes your body more efficient at burning calories.

Focus T25 vs P90X3

In the end, Focus T25 vs P90X3 comes down to a personal choice.  I choose P90X3 because I like the resistance focus, yoga, variety, and ability to eat a bit more.  That’s just me.  If I was someone that really relied on the trainer personality and/or liked to get on a really good cardio sweat… I would choose Focus T25.  Both programs will get you in great shape… so make a choice and GO FOR IT!!

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4 Responses to “Focus T25 vs P90X3: The Battle of the Shorter Workout Programs”

  1. What equipment is needed for P90x3 and T25? Any?

    • Hey Cora, T25 just requires some light dumbells… about 5 and 10 pounders for women. P90X3 requires a slightly larger range of dumbbells or bands, a pull up bar, and a yoga mat. :)

  2. Couldn’t I skip rest, move at a faster pace, and cut the original P90X to 30 minites thus getting equal or better results than X3?

    • you could sort of do that… but you would also be cutting out any rest which will minimize the ability to perform lifts at max intensity. plus many of the moves are different. I by no means think that X3 is better than the original. it is just much more well designed with time/efficiency in mind. i don’t think cutting out rest periods (which you need) will accomplish quite the same thing.

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