Focus T25 Upper Focus Review

focus-t25-upper-focus-reviewAlright Focus T25, it’s time to bust out the dumbbells.  I have been dying to get in some more resistance work and this is the first workout that has us using some weights/bands.  I dial up my 20 pounders and get this party started… after all I love working upper body and I love lifting weights.  Of course, weights with Shaun T is always a bit different… but we know we are in for something challenging.  And it turns out Upper Focus is my favorite workout of Alpha and Beta.  So here is my Focus T25 Upper Focus Review!

Focus T25 Upper Focus Review

They should just rename this workout shoulders and biceps.  Both get slammed in this workout with multiple sets… and I love it!

The workout starts with some typical Focus T25 cardio… switch kicky things into uppercut moves.  Then it progresses into some plank moves, burpees, and pushups… which I am still not really stressing over.  The next moves are pretty simple as well.

A good 7 minutes into the workout and I am thinking this is going to be easy.

Then comes the shoulder circuit.

By the end of the 4 shoulder moves, my arms are shaking… and we still have a LONG way to go.   A quick cardio interval gets us to the chest section of the workout… and that brings the heat as well.  Then cardio again.  Then the back circuit with rows and deadlift type moves.

The sweat is pouring.  The only semi rest you get from weights is a 30 second cardio move then you are picking the weights back up.

The next weight session is all about the biceps… and by the end of these 4 moves, mine were smoking.  If you don’t feel it at the end of this circuit, you are using the wrong weight.  The last few reps barely make it up.  The other nice thing about this section is that ST gives some great pointers on bicep curl form that have really helped me to get better bicep workouts.  I was using poor form in the past for many of my bicep moves.  A workout that can teach you new things is always a good thing.

The focus then moves to triceps and core, as exercises go to table top tricep dips and such.

And the workout ends by hitting a little of everything once.  At this point I can barely survive the shoulder and biceps moves.  My Focus T25 Upper Focus Review is that this workout is really effective for biceps and shoulders.  The chest, back, and triceps work is all decent… but those bicep and shoulder muscles just get blasted!

Focus T25 Upper Focus Review

Such a great workout.  Seriously my favorite Alpha/Beta workout of Focus T25.  And the most challenging.  Sure, the crazy cardio in Alpha may make you sweat more… but this is the workout that will get you really fit.  So get your ass through Alpha, get some weights, and tackle Upper Focus!  That’s my Focus T25 Upper Focus Review

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Thanks for reading my Focus T25 Upper Focus Review!

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