Focus T25 Ript Circuit Review

focus-t25-ript-circuit-reviewIn the Alpha round of Focus T25… Total Body Circuit was about as hard as a 25 minute workout can get.  So when I popped in the Rip’t Circuit DVD for the first time, I expected all hell to break loose.  I was a little surprised when it didn’t.  It’s not that the workout was easy… not in the least bit.  It just wasn’t the cardio and push up extravaganza that Total Body Circuit is.  This one seems to be challenging in a new way… and it would become more obvious with repeated workouts.  Here is my Focus T25 Ript Circuit Review.

Focus T25 Ript Circuit Review

We get to use weights for this one!!  With a focus on core and resistance training, this workout is much different than anything we have done yet in Focus T25.  And each circuit has a pattern as well.  Basically it’s this:

  • Upper body move for 1 minute (usually with weights)
  • Lower body move for 1 minute (usually with weights)
  • Core move for 1 minute
  • Cardio move for 1 minute

Once you complete a block of 4 moves, you move to a whole new set of 4 moves.  This is great because it really makes the workout go fast and you hit a lot of different areas.  And while it may feel that you are not getting a great cardio workout, as soon as you have to bust a minute of cardio at the end of each circuit… you realize your heart rate is really high.

The killer moves in this workout are:

  • The Arnold Press –  a minute of Arnold shoulder presses when you are exhausted!
  • The Hip Up V Hold – OMG, and I have strong abs
  • Half Tuck Jumps – near the end of the workout, the last thing you want to do for one minute

Focus T25 Ript Circuit Review

All in all, not my absolute favorite workout of the program… but still really good.  I think that Total Body Circuit and Upper Focus are both better workouts (although TBC is much different, so not really comparable).  And when we get to the Gamma reviews, I will compare this to Extreme Circuit.

All in all, my Focus T25 Ript Circuit Review is that it’s fun and effective.  This workout WILL get more challenging as you learn to engage the moves and focus on your core.  And your focus starts…. NOW!

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Thanks for reading my Focus T25 Ript Circuit Review!

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