Focus T25 Results… The Power Of The Challenge Group

focus-t25-resultsOur ongoing Focus T25 Challenge group continues to crank out transformations.  It’s a little hard to believe that in just 25 minutes a day and 5 days a week, real results are obtainable… but it works.  Even my own are pretty staggering.  Though there are multiple success stories, I wanted to highlight Kelly’s Focus T25 Results.  She both had an awesome results and won the groups $100 Most Epic Transformation Challenge.  And to add to that?  She helped to encourage others in the within our Challenge group.  Below she describes the online group we host and her Focus T25 results…

Focus T25 Results

“Being a part of a challenge group and having Ryan as my coach has made all the difference to me.  It has helped me focus on my goals, has kept me motivated every day, and it is so fun to interact with the others in the group. Knowing the others, including Ryan, are pushing through it along with me is very inspiring! It’s also helpful to have great information posted by my coach on a regular basis to remind me of the choices I can make each day with nutrition and to help keep a positive attitude.  If anyone in the group has a setback, Ryan and the others in the group are right there to help you, not to beat you up about it or make you feel guilty! With T25 I was able to lose over 10 pounds and several inches while only working out 25 minutes a day. I surpassed my goals and as an added bonus, I won our group’s challenge and was rewarded $100. What a great decision it was to join this group and take on the challenge!”  -Kelly S

Focus T25 Results

If you are interested in joining our T25 group and getting your own Focus T25 results… click the link below to get started or Contact Me to ask any specific questions.

Or Focus T25 Standalone Fitness Program

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