Focus T25 Alpha Cardio Review

focus-t25-alpha-cardio-reviewAlpha Cardio is the very first workout of the new Focus T25 program.  Honestly, looking at a 25 minute workout that appears to be “Insanity light” had me thinking that this would be an easy one.  It’s not.  Not at all.  Well into my first week of Focus T25 and I have realized that this program is as extreme (if not more so) than Insanity.  Just not as long and grueling.  Also, the modified moves are presented so that if you aren’t quite ready for the Shaun T blitz of crazy cardio… you can ease into it.

Bottom line, this workout delivered.  I was left with that same post workout high that I get from the longer Insanity sessions… but it took me less than half an hour.  I like that.

Focus T25 Alpha Cardio Review

Assuming you have done Shaun T workouts before… think Pure Cardio meets The Asylum.  This has the no break, balls to the wall approach that he uses in Pure Cardio with only slight recovery done during the less difficult moves.  But the intensity and style of moves is much more like The Asylum.  The workout peaks twice and really focuses on the lower body and core.

You won’t be hitting the deck in Alpha Cardio, so it’s all jumps, squats, and lunges.  The workout peaks during the Jump Tucks and Lunge Taps… both these moves had my legs creating some serious lactic acid.  But learning to push through those high heart rates can really help you become an endurance athlete.  And this what I like to do when training for marathons and increasing my endurance.  Focus T25 will teach you how to push through walls.

The first burnout comes about 10 minutes in, where you do a string of the most difficult moves at maximum intensity.  I have to say that I wasn’t exactly “killing” the burnout… and being a grad of Shaun T’s programs, I sort of expected to be more on top of it.  Oh well, I guess Focus T25 is for real.

The second round of moves will bring you to the second and final burnout round… and by this time you are just trying to make it through the last 5 minutes (that’s okay, you feel like you still just started the workout).

By the time Shaun T says “time”… you are begging for it to end.  It’s a good thing though.  I know that I had an excellent workout when the TV has sweat flung all over it.

Focus T25 Alpha Cardio Review

The beauty of this program is that you just have to push play and get warmed up… then you are practically done.  It’s hard, no doubt… but if you can simply get your ass in front of the TV for the 5 minutes to warm up, the rest is history.  You are not going to quit when you only have 15 minutes left, are you?

The other biggie is the modifier.  Just about everyone in my Focus T25 Challenge Group is having to rely on the modified moves shown.  This is huge as we aren’t trying to push people to overdo it and/or get hurt.  Having the modified moves makes it possible to survive the workout for anyone at any level… and then later in the program they can NAIL moves that they never thought were possible.

Not only does it help prevent injury, it gives people confidence to stay in it and even more swagger when they can move to the unmodified moves.  Kudos Beachbody.

Focus T25 Alpha Cardio Review

If the rest of the program is like this… we are in for a treat.  Super well designed workout (much better design/progression than Insanity in my opinion) and Shaun T is on point with his usual comments and training techniques.

Can’t wait to try the other Focus T25 workouts as this one really left a great first impression on me.  This coming from a guy that likes the Shaun T programs the least of the Beachbody programs.  Oh well, I am in it now.  Time to FOCUS.

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